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FCA hosts lock in for SC students
INEZ — Eighty students, teachers and parents filled the Sheldon Clark High School gym April 25 for the SCHS Fellowship of Christian Athlete's second annual lock-in, which began at 9 p.m. that Friday and lasted until 7 a.m. on Saturday.

The FCA members participated in such activities as volleyball, basketball, ping pong, pool, arcade games, video games, board games, watching movies, and eating. There were two services consisting of songs and skits provided by the kids and devotions by visiting guest ministers.

The FCA is a nationwide club for middle schools, high schools and colleges. It is for anyone who would like to attend and listen to God's word and learn about Him. FCA was originally organized so Christian athletes could fellowship together.

The Sheldon Clark chapter elects officers in the spring for the following school year and takes membership during the entire year.

The FCA officers are president Megan Mooney, vice president Trista Moore, secretary Ernay Goble, treasurer Brittany Horn, recruiting officer Katie Sammons and historian Kendra Wilson.

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes began at Sheldon Clark in January 2001 with only five members; the club now averages about 35 members in attendance at its meetings.

The sponsoring faculty members are Ron Evans, Brent Haney and Shawn Hager.

FCA members had their end-of-the-year cookout at the Evans' house on May 9. Food and fellowship were enjoyed by 42 members.

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