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Cream of the Crop: Allen Central

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EASTERN — The top graduates in the class of 2003 at Allen Central High School have been announced.

—Jessica Combs, daughter of Paul and Deborah Combs.

—Eva Duncan, daughter of Roy and Patricia Duncan.

— Megan Handshoe, daughter of Blaine and Judy Handshoe.

— Shellie Hayes, daughter of Keith and Elaine Hayes.

— Kristi Howard, daughter of Mike and Gwen Howard.

— Erin Majakey, daughter of Lee and Gay Majakey.

—Misty Samons, daughter of Lawrence and Lucy Samons.

— Jeni Spurlock, daughter of Ricky and Cheryl Spurlock.

— Tiffany Turner, daughter of Lee and Brenda Turner.

— Brett Whitaker, son of Bobby and Sheila Whitaker.

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