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Mischief & Mayhem
Out with the old and in with nothing?
Mylinda Johnson
Out with the old and in with nothing? Yep, that is my motto for this New Year! All that clutter from years of acquiring "stuff" GONE with no replacement other than the satisfaction of having a clear path through our house!

At my church, we offer peace to those around us what could be more peaceful than the serenity of a neat, clean home? We strive to be at peace with ourselves and with others, but how often do we look to our homes for a sign of peace? I see pieces of dirt tracked across the kitchen floor along with pieces of the kids' breakfast, pieces of extra furniture, and pieces of plain old JUNK all over our house, not to mention the pieces of who knows what in the corners beyond my reach. I want to trade this piece and that piece for a calm, solemn peace of neatness in my family's life!

One of my favorite television programs is called Clean Sweep in which a professional organizer comes into a couple's home and cleans, organizes, and redecorates two rooms in two days. Granted, this organizer has the assistance of a coordinator, a team of about 10 hard-working men and women who do the grunt work an interior decorator for the design, as well as a carpenter and the homeowners. I would like to think that if I had at least half this many people working for me to do two rooms, surely we could do it in two days. However, we only have our little family, which consists of two over-worked adults and three over-active children. Needless to say, we are not as efficient at the organizing bit as a crew of busy beaver professionals!

We have managed to, as they say on Clean Sweep, purge many of our old items. We have donated many of our rarely worn clothes, coats, and shoes, to charity as well as many toys and home decor items. We have also been remodeling, painting, wallpapering, and other countless cumbersome tasks! You might consider my husband and me to be brave souls as we have done pretty much all the work ourselves. (Of course, my husband has to do the hard part. "Grin.") My husband makes things functional, and I make them pretty. Perfect match, I know and no, I am not trying to make anyone nauseous, so I will keep the sappy talk to a minimum.

Maybe I am dreaming in thinking that I could possibly ever become well organized and at peace with my home. Regardless, it is a good dream and a great New Year's resolution. (Of course, as to be expected, I also have the resolution to maintain a healthy lifestyle and manage my weight.)

As we journey into yet another new year, I would like to take a minute to wish you all peace and prosperity and all the goodness that life has to offer! Oh, and one more thing, if any of you want to get me a gift, send in the Clean Sweep team!

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