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Wednesday, March 8, 2017 issue

District Court Dispositions

Johnson County Jan. 17 docket Judge John Kevin Holbrook James l....tell me more>

Johnson County 911 Report

Monday, Jan. 22 12:44 a.m.: Overdose: Advised his sister-in-law has possibly overdosed, Pine Street....tell me more>

Martin County 911 Report

Saturday, Jan. 20 12:06 a.m.: Advised an ambulance is needed, Johnson Bottom....tell me more>

New Drivers

Martin County Instructional permit Michael H. Harvey and Derek Lee Maynard Driver license James N....tell me more>

Property Transfers

Johnson County To Fannin Plumbing Co. from Dave's Concrete Products Inc....tell me more>

Suits Filed

Johnson County James VanHoose vs. Tammy VanHoose; automobile accident....tell me more>
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