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Bingo grudge behind Bush 'threat'
PAINTSVILLE — A Paintsville woman accused of threatening the life of President George W. Bush tearfully denied that claim Thursday and said she is the victim of a Bingo parlor grudge.

Gertrude Music, 44, confirmed that she had been interviewed by U.S. Secret Service agents, but said she had not been detained and that the discussion occurred in her apartment building hallway, not in the city police offices.

"They (agents) asked me if I had said I was going to get into my car, drive to Washington, D.C., and kill the president," Music said. "I said 'Lord no, I never said that,' and I would swear on my mother's life that I didn't."

Music said the Secret Service agents asked if she would take a polygraph test at a later date.

"I said I would," she said, "and that it would show up that I am telling the truth. I've never done anything to anyone, and no one in their right mind would make a threat against the president. They'd have to be crazy to do that."

Music said she had no idea why anyone would accuse her of threatening the life of the president, but she believes it all stems from a game of Bingo last week.

Music said she was playing at the downtown Paintsville parlor last Thursday, March 20, and won one game.

"When I hit, I hollered 'Bingo,' and some women behind me started mocking, saying 'Bingo' and sneering," she said. "I think they were just mad at me because I won."

Before the game, she said, the women had been talking about the war in Iraq.

"I said they ought to just take a bomb and drop it on that place and get it over with," Music said.

Secret Service officials have declined comment on the case and have not said who made the accusation saying Music had threatened the life of President Bush. But Music thinks three women, whose names she does not know, made the call after the Bingo game last week.

"I don't know any reason why they would make this allegation," she said. "These people lied on me. They have to be crazy. I've lived here all my life and I've never hurt anybody."

Music added that she has several witnesses who were sitting with or near her during the Bingo game, "who know I did not say anything about the president."

"They said they would testify for me in court," she said.

The federal agents have not said if they plan to pursue a case against Music or if they will return to Paintsville to conduct a polygraph exam, but Music said the matter is far from being closed.

"Once I find out who these women are, their last names, I plan to sue them for slander," Music said, adding tearfully that she had been subjected to threats, herself, since the accusations were made against her.

"People yell at me when I walk by and I found a threatening note on my windshield," she said. "These people who said this about me are crazy if they just did it because they were mad at me for winning a Bingo game."

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