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2003-04-02 war at home

Two health care providers get the call
Roberta Blevins

As the war in Iraq rages on, area residents are still being called to active duty.

Dr. Thomas Hatten a physician in Louisa and Blaine was recently sent his orders for active duty.

Hatten, who is originally from Huntington,W.Va., is currently serving as Commander in the United States Medical Corp.

Hatten lives in Louisa with his wife Carolyn, a teacher at Trinity Academy and three children Katy, Will, and Jamie. He joined the army in 1978 and was commissioned after completing officer candidate school in Newport, R.I. He served on the USS Hunley and the USS Holland as a radiation health officer.

Picklesimer pictured with his family.
Hatten later graduated from the West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine on a Navy Scholarship in 1993. He completed an internship and residency in family practice at the Naval Hospital in Pensacola, Fla., in 1996.

Commander Hatten went on to serve as the senior medical officer on the USS Frank Cable in Guam and Japan from 1996 to 1998.

From there he was senior family physician at Branch Clinic Naval Submarine Base in Bangor, W.Va.

Hatten moved to Louisa in 1999 where he has been practicing as a family physician at Big Sandy Family Care and also serving as an active reservist at the Naval Reserve Center in Huntington.

Hatten is currently mobilized to active duty at the Naval hospital in Portsmouth, Va., in support of Operation Enduring Freedom and Noble Eagle.

Hatten's wife quoted him in saying "I support President Bush in Operation Iraqi Freedom. This military action is necessary to protect our homeland and help the Iraqi people gain their freedom from an oppressive regime."

"We miss him and we support him," Carolyn Hatten said. "Thankfully he is on the east coast and we are able to see him."

Another medical employee from the area is Danny Picklesimer. Picklesimer, 49, lives in Fort Gay, W.Va., with his wife, Debbie, and four sons. He is a registered nurse in the ICU-CCU department of Three Rivers Medical Center.

Picklesimer was recently called to active duty with the 111th Engineer group from Camp Atterbury in Indiana and is scheduled to be deployed within the next two weeks.

"We're really proud of him," said TRMC nursing supervisor Tyrone Morris. "We wish him the best and pray for him to return home safe. Both him, and Dr. Hatten are good, special people, and we know they'll do a good job."

"We just hope he hurries up and comes back home." Debbie Picklesimer said. "His sons want to know everyday where he's at."

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