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Wednesday, March 8, 2017 issue
Inmate gets Good Book buzz
And new charges to boot
PAINTSVILLE — A regional jail inmate was charged last week with promoting contraband after surveillance cameras caught the prisoner allegedly hiding under his bed covers to smoke marijuana — apparently rolled with pages from a Bible.

The inmate — Marcus Anthony Castle, 31, of Salyersville — raised the suspicion of jail officials by allegedly using his blanket to apparently block the illegal activity from the facility's surveillance cameras.

Officials at the Big Sandy Regional Detention Center searched Castle and found two marijuana joints on his person, according to court records. One joint was found in the inmate's pocket and the other was located in his underwear, records say.

Court records also note that both marijuana cigarettes appeared to have been rolled with pages from a Bible.

Castle, who was being held in the facility's detox cell, was later charged with promoting contraband by city police officer Larry VanHoose.

Information about Castle's arrest and charges prior to the alleged discovery of marijuana on his person was not available at presstime.

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