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Magoffin court failed to notify public for meeting
SALYERSVILLE — The Magoffin County Fiscal Court held a special meeting Thursday but failed to notify the public that the session was being held in a different location, an apparent violation of the state's Open Meeting Law.

According to state law, a public agency must give notice of a special meeting at least 24 hours prior to the session and the notice should contain the date, time and place of the meeting. Magoffin Fiscal Court issued a 24-hour notice, but failed to include the place that the meeting would be held.

As a result, several people waited for the special fiscal court meeting to begin in the circuit courtroom in the Magoffin County Courthouse Thursday afternoon while the session was actually being called to order in the family courtroom next door. The doors of the family courthouse had been locked just minutes prior to the time the meeting was scheduled to begin. Those waiting in the circuit courtroom were notified of the meeting's new location by a courthouse janitor just before the meeting was adjourned.

During the special meeting Thursday, the court approved the second reading of the KADD leasing ordinance, declared unspecified property as surplus and authorized the sale of the property. Court members also approved the consideration of the proposed 2004 jail fund budget. Although several were in attendance to make comments at the meeting, the court could not take comment from the floor because the item was not listed on the agenda.

All action taken by the court Thursday could be ruled invalid if an appeal is filed with the attorney general's office and the court is indeed found to be in violation of the Open Meetings Law.

All members were present for Thursday's special meeting.

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