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Wednesday, March 8, 2017 issue
The Point After
Final Four in 'whatever' category
Kentucky's loss to Marquette last weekend was, I am sure, disheartening for most. The fact that they fell considerably short of what everyone anticipated was distasteful to their most loyal fans and to seasoned sages of sports.

It was even somewhat disappointing for me.

The Wildcats' loss has left my brackets a total wreck (not one single team remaining), but it has also left me adrift, passionless in what should be one of the most passionate weeks of college basketball.

The absence of Kentucky from the NCAA Final Four and the presence of some of the less heralded programs of college hoops have put the whole showcase in the "Whatever" category.

Sure, Kansas has lots of history and such. Yeah, Phog Allen coached there and it is one of the few umbilici of college basketball history. But Kansas is a baked potato with no butter or sour cream, or even Mrs. Dash.

Kansas is blah. There hasn't been anything exciting about Kansas since Dorothy got back. It's flat, it's there, who cares.

Syracuse? Please, you would think a school in a city named for something Sicilian would have a little more spice and zest.

But Syracuse has Otto the Orange. And Beoheim the whiner. The Orangemen do have the most exciting freshman in college basketball in Carmelo Anthony, but that and a snowplow might get you through the New York winter.

Again... Syracuse, big whoop.

Marquette? The Golden Eagles have the best scorer in Dwayne Wade, who might also be the best player.

They have an astute coach in Tom Crean, who might have already set himself up to punch a ticket to Westwood to rekindle the smoldering memories of a certain wizard (and I promise, it ain't Harry Potter).

The Golden Eagles are the closest I come to a team to root for, for an obvious reason that shall be left unwritten. Plus, they are from Conference USA, which is arguably the Reform Party of college athletics - just big enough to be a nuisance to the major players.

But Texas - maybe they are the team to root against. They look silly in that putrid burnt orange (it's as if they could not choose between baby poop brown and regular orange and reflects a lack of decisiveness).

But they have T.J. Ford, who is a load of fun to watch... plus you gotta give it up to a school whose mascot is a side of beef.

I guess I will just have to go with my first impulse and pull for Marquette. Go Golden Eagles.

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