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Some pay for alcohol permit fees
SALYERSVILLE — Although some alcohol retailers may still be opposing the fiscal court's decision to make seven years worth of alcohol permit fees retroactive, others have given in and paid their bills.

Magoffin County Sheriff Bob Jordan said the fiscal court gave him a list of retailers to issue citations to on Friday, but by Monday, every one of the remaining stores on the list had come in and either paid the entire balance or the amount due for the 2004 fiscal year's permits.

According to Jordan, there was one store left that had not paid the fees, C & C Kwik Mart, but the owner, Charles Prater, came in Tuesday afternoon and made payment.

Magoffin County Attorney Don McFarland said Tuesday that he did not know how many retailers had paid the retroactive fees and could not comment on whether retailers in the city limits had to pay for both a city and a county permit.

When asked about an attorney general's opinion which says that a county cannot collect permit fees from businesses within the city limits which already pay for a city permit, McFarland said he had not seen the opinion but that it was on his list of things to look at. McFarland said that he was looking into the matter but had no conclusive material as of yet.

"I'll be working with the attorney general's office on this issue," McFarland said.

McFarland also said that he and his assistant were not aware of any agreement being reached between retailers and the fiscal court regarding an extension of time to pay retroactive fees, contingent on them purchasing the 2004 fiscal year permit. Retailers maintain that Deputy Judge-Executive Donna Adams agreed to extend the deadline if store owners paid for their 2004 permits by April 4.

McFarland said that most of the larger stores such as Rite Aid and Speedway had paid their bills, but some of the local retailers had still not come in.

A phone call to Judge-Executive Bill W. May and Deputy Judge-Executive Donna Adams was not returned as of presstime Tuesday.

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