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Magoffin robberies probed
SALYERSVILLE — The Magoffin County Sheriff's Department is looking into two robberies which appear to have been done by the same subjects.

The first robbery took place at Coon Creek at Lyon' Grocery, owned by Samuel Lyons. According to Lyons, the subjects pried the door of the store open with a crowbar just enough to unhook a metal bar that crossed the door and then busted the latches.

Lyons said Tuesday that the robbers took 50 to 60 cartons of cigarettes, his entire inventory of Skoal and three brand new saddles valued at $300 each.

Lyon's said that he asked a friend to be on the lookout for the saddles and that while at the Paintsville StockYard on Rt. 1750, his friend was approached by two younger males, one with black hair and the other with brown curly hair, who offered to sell two saddles to them for $100 each.

Lyons said that his friend bought the saddles but "haggled" over the price long enough for another man to call Lyons and contact the police. But the boys became nervous and said they had to leave.

Lyons' friend purchased the saddles and then took the plate number of the maroon Chevrolet Corsica the two men were driving. Lyons said that the men had already sold the third saddle before approaching his friend.

"I got them (saddles) back but I had to pay my friend back for them," Lyon's said Tuesday.

The second robbery occurred Monday night at BJ's Liquor on Ky. 40 near the Magoffin/Johnson County line. The store, owned by Bobby Jack and Claudine Kelsey, was broken into in much the same manner as Lyons' Grocery.

According to Claudine Kelsey, the burglars pried the all-metal door open with a crowbar and entered the store, stealing an undetermined number of cartons of cigarettes and several brands of liquor, including Crown Royal and Maker's Mark.

Claudine Kelsey said Tuesday that she had no idea exactly what they had taken but that she was in the process of taking inventory and had sent someone out to find a new door for the back of the store.

"I knew something was wrong," Kelsey said, "The dog kept barking. The more I walk around, the more (inventory) I miss. They took all the best stuff."

Kelsey and Lyons both said Tuesday that the burglars dumped the contents of a trash can out in the floor and used it to carry the merchandise they were stealing out of the store.

Lyons maintains that he knows who the vehicle the boys were seen in at the stockyard was registered to and that he has turned all the information over to police.

Anyone who has any information about either incident should contact the Magoffin County Sheriff's Department at 606-349-2914 or the Kentucky State Police at 606-433-7711.

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