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Johnson County 911 logs
Monday, April 14

11:23 a.m.: Check on black Buick broke down, Hidden Valley, male subject possibly intoxicated.

12:00 p.m.: Caller requested officer to residence, has been broken into and everything is missing, needs report, Van Lear.

12:13: Caller advised a female subject had told him that owner of vehicle has a knife on him, also female stated that subject had beaten them up last date, didn't give name, other subject walking out of Hidden Valley.

12:30: Caller requested officer to Staffordsville, male subject attempted to kidnap her daughter. They have vehicle stopped at top of hill, Rocky Knob Branch.

1:07: Male subject possibly overdosed, unconscious but breathing, Boons Camp.

1:08: Two-vehicle accident two miles past Flat Gap school.

1:09: Caller requested officer regarding breaking and entering on trailer, needs report, Rt. 1428.

1:18: Male shoplifter in custody, Wal-Mart.

1:44: Caller requested officer to McKinley Webb Drive regarding breaking and entering, needs report.

3:21: Caller requested a unit contact him regarding someone threatening his girlfriend, McKinley Webb Drive.

5:05: Caller requested to speak with officer regarding theft of CD, Concord.

5:25: Caller advised of several intoxicated subjects, loud music, Lower Twin.

5:40: Caller advised female in car possibly smoking marijuana, Wal-Mart.

5:57: Caller on cell phone advised possible domestic in progress, two males and a female subject are fighting in the middle of the road, Depot Road.

6:05: Gas drive-off, three vehicle, U-Haul, green Stratus and orange pickup, US 23.

6:16: Caller advised possible intoxicated male subject in a white 1996 Monte Carlo with tinted windows and head and tail light covers. Vehicle also has a Harley-Davidson sign on the front, North on US 23 near Ramco heading towards Lawrence County.

6:17: Two adult shoplifters in custody, Wal-Mart.

6:28: Subject stopped by the S.O. and advised there is a female subject walking up Starfire Hill with blood all over her.

7:09: Caller advised a subject in a larger white, four-door passenger car with tinted windows has possibly been going from tobacco store to another possibly stealing cartons of cigarettes. Dispatch has received no calls from tobacco store employees.

7:14: Caller advised possibly intoxicated subject in about a 1990/91 gray Crown Victoria. Caller advised vehicle is all over the road and has turned into Apple Tree Plaza in front of Save-A-Lot.

8:18: Caller advised subject possibly shooting gun or fireworks, Perry Vanhoose.

8:38: Caller at the bowling alley advised a male subject wanted her to call regarding someone stealing his stereo from his vehicle.

9:01: Caller at Wildcat Tire advised he heard a gunshot across the road, Rt. 1428.

9:27: Caller advised of structure fire at the foot of Richmond Hill.

10:02: Employee at Arby's advised a female came in and stated someone threw something at her car and broke the window on Rt. 172.

Tuesday, April 8

12:53 a.m.: Caller advised of domestic in progress, advised her husband physically assaulted her and is extremely intoxicated, Lee's Trailer Court.

4:47: Caller advised vehicle on fire 1/4 mile up Rt. 469. Advised driver is extremely intoxicated or mentally unstable.

5:01: Caller advised someone threw a block through his Blazer's windshield sometime last night, Staffordsville.

11:04: Out at residence on Rt. 689 in reference to call advising male subject destroying residence. KSP has male en route to Detention Center.

2:19 p.m.: Caller advised dispatch that a vehicle hit a tree just before Johnson/Magoffin line, nobody around vehicle.

3:05: Shoplifter in custody, Wal-Mart.

4:37: Single-vehicle accident, River Road.

5:15: Caller advised a subject in the area shot her son's dog, Samuel Drive.

5:59: Caller advised possibly intoxicated subject in a white Chrysler, Ohio tags. Advised subject is all over the road.

8:14: Morgan County Dispatch requested Red Bush Fire Dept. contact them regarding their Fire Dept. is at another residence that has been flooded and they are needing a pump.

9:20: Caller advised someone broke the window out of a vehicle sometime yesterday, did not want an officer, Rt. 40.

9:46: Vehicle accident, Rt. 201.

10:13: Unit requested officer go by Paul B. Hall RMC regarding above vehicle accident, subject may run.

10:31: Caller advised prowler around residence, Upper Twin.

Wednesday, April 9

9:00 a.m.: Caller advised that the road on top of Spicey Mountain had caved in, notified State Hwy. Dept., they already had crew en route.

11:21: Check on red Neon with white stripes traveling southbound on Rt. 321 with bogus tags.

1:30 p.m.: Possibly intoxicated driver in white Buick, one headlight burning, Rt. 321/Rt. 3, Floyd County.

3:48: Failure to yield, blue four-door passenger car, foot pursuit, Castle Fork.

3:55: Complaint of people soliciting funds at the redlights with no signs, McDonald's.

4:45: Caller advised that his vehicle that had been parked at H&R Block overnight had been shot at and now has two bullet holes in it.

7:29: Juvenile subject called and said someone was cursing at him and trying to fight, Sixth Street.

7:30: Caller at Dawahares advised subjects in white Beretta possibly shoplifted. Subjects left in white Beretta, striking employee's car as they left.

7:31: Caller advised a white Beretta cut her off, possibly vehicle from above, Rt. 23.

7:47: Caller advised her neighbor's ex-husband was in her house destroying property, Little Mud Lick.

8:39: Caller advised a male subject was possibly intoxicated and exposing himself to the family, Flat Gap.

9:19: Caller advised water was getting over her roadway, Rt. 302.

9:48: Caller advised there was a lady going door to door looking for somebody, appeared to be intoxicated.

10:54: Possible breaking and entering, caller advised his wife has taken several of her personal items but another male subject entered residence and took items. Cannot identify what all has been taken at this time, Airport Road.

11:21: Caller advised of strange small hatchback car in the parking of of Tom's Creek FBC.

Thursday, April 10

1:41 a.m.: Caller advised several subjects, possibly intoxicated, around area, subject can't rest, Country Club area.

1:48: Caller advised an under age female has been calling her house and threatening her. Advised subject was also knocking on her door, Thelma.

8:07: Work truck broken into, P&W TV Cable, Broadway.

11:15: Single-vehicle accident, female and children in vehicle, Rt. 3387.

2:52 p.m.: Caller advised of smoke coming out of #5 mine, Van Lear.

3:16: Requested officer, threatening customer, Peebles.

3:21: Caller advised subjects in gray S-10 causing problems, trying to start fight, Mayo Plaza.

3:25: Caller from above traffic advised subjects were following her again, pulled into plaza, got out, did damage to truck.

5:11: Caller advised debris in road causing damage to tires, Rt. 23.

5:41: Extra patrol regarding stolen items, P.H.S.

6:21: Caller advised someone broke into vehicle, Witten Lane.

7:59: Caller advised possible domestic, Pine Street, possible shots fired.

8:02: Male in store possibly trying to steal items, Tobacco Max.

8:03: Request F.D. assist for possible meth lab, Pine Street.

8:16: Female subject advised of fight in progress at Ky. Rt. 2039. Perps are three males and a female in a green Nissan SUV 4x4 armed with crowbars.

8:17: Request KSP assistance for possible meth lab, Pine Street.

11:06: Single vehicle accident, over hill in creek on side, two subjects in vehicle, unresponsive, Rt. 201. Unit advised entrapment, one subject unresponsive. Vehicle needs stabilized.

Friday, April 11

12:18 a.m.: Caller advised female came to her door advising she had ran out of gas and had no money and nobody to call, Rt. 201.

11:03: Caller advised vehicle hit deer, possible broken windshield, US 23 North.

1:24 p.m.: Caller advised of three-vehicle accident in front of McDonald's, roadway is blocked, Rt. 321.

3:20: Caller advised she had been assaulted by a male subject driving a maroon S-10, Court Street.

3:33: Unit advised that a caller advised him that there is a male and female there getting disorderly, Accident and Injury Clinic.

7:05: Caller advised possibly intoxicated subject in a 1995/96 Olds Bravada. Caller advised there was a strong smell of marijuana coming from the vehicle. Advised there were four or five subjects in the vehicle, plaza area.

8:15: Caller requested unit regarding unauthorized use of motor vehicle.

10:54: Four-wheeler complaint near old coal tipple, Boyd Branch. Caller advised he about hit them in his vehicle.

Saturday, April 12

2:42 a.m.: Caller from cell phone advised of vehicle driving with no lights on, crossed center lane, Rt. 40, Meally.

3:56: Assist Martin County S.O. in pursuit of an older model black Chevrolet.

4:07: Reference to pursuit that Martin County S.O. was involved in ended in vehicle accident, Rt. 2040.

4:08: Two subjects trapped in vehicle accident resulting in pursuit that began in Martin County, Rt. 2040.

11:43: Caller requested officer to Frank Street in reference to two basketball goals out in street, kids playing ball blocking road, wants them removed, Frank Street.

12:31 p.m.: Caller advised dispatch of possible vehicle accident, Rt. 201/23, unknown on injuries.

1:08: Caller advised that a female subject was at his residence and wouldn't leave, escalated to domestic, Van Lear.

1:50: Caller from above traffic advised dispatch that female has returned with other male subjects sitting out front of residence. At 1:55 received call from resident that a subject was outside fighting, unknown on weapons. Subjects left prior to officers arrival.

1:58: Caller requested officer to residence, reference to his daughters vehicle has been hit, Staffordsville.

3:08: Caller from Advance Auto Parts requested a unit regarding a theft report.

3:13: Caller advised cattle trespassing in his yard.

3:46: ATV complaint, Butcher Hollow.

5:18: Water over the road, Davis Branch.

5:19: Caller advised her puppy had been stolen from her home, Staffordsville.

5:30: Be on lookout for full-size green Chevy driving at a high rate of speed, weaving in and out of traffic, US 23.

5:38: Be on lookout for red Chevy pickup, possibly intoxicated driver, Rt. 321.

6:37: Caller advised a Pit Bull was running loose and attacking other dogs and children, Rt. 2039.

7:06: Caller requested a unit make contact in reference to his wife's ex-husband came to their residence and damaged some of their property.

8:15: Caller advised her neighbor is possibly intoxicated, harassing them and trying to start a fight.

9:13: Caller advised her neighbor was back at her home and knocked over the basketball goal.

9:28: Across from Wittensville Post Office there is a woman walking in front of a vehicle with its emergency lights on, US 23.

10:14: Caller from neighboring apartment advised she had heard screaming coming from a neighboring apartment, Thelma.

11:19: Caller advised a male subject was riding an ATV on the main roads, Rt. 460/321.

11:52: Be on lookout for blue Plymouth passenger car, temp. tags, possibly intoxicated, US 23 South.

Sunday, April 13

1:28 a.m.: Extra patrol request at #1 Hollow, Bradley Crossing, people ringing doorbells, Van Lear.

7:27: Stolen property, needs to file charges, Depot Road.

11:47: Be on lookout for reckless driver, possibly intoxicated, driving Chevy Lumina, tinted windows, around Hammond.

1:52 p.m.: Caller a subject called his son and advised son that he had a bullet with his name on it. Subject driving green Chrysler van, George's Creek.

2:37: Caller advised ATV's at Butcher Hollow, two or three people on them.

3:10: Received phone calls from two residences, one who stated that her neighbor was beating her husband or boyfriends truck with a shovel. Other residence subject called to say that someone was damaging her property, Paintview.

3:49: Caller advised her husband is there and refusing to leave. Subject has assaulted her today. Caller advised husband has been on drugs, unknown on weapons.

4:30: Caller requested unit regarding runaway juvenile, Rt. 40/581.

6:09: Prestonsburg P.D. asked to have a unit pick up a subject who was wanted by the police department for forged prescription, Van Lear.

7:55: Caller advised her husband had some tires stolen from the back of his truck, Rt. 40.

9:20: Caller advised that his neighbor behind him was firing shots, possibly intoxicated, Van Lear.

10:03: Caller from above traffic called back to say that the subject stated that he was going to kill the first subject's father. State Police had not yet arrived and Post could not make contact with them, sent another unit, Van Lear.

10:38: Caller advised her alarm went off. Caller advised she went out to check and it appears someone has cut her tire on her vehicle, did not see anybody around, Rt. 581.

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