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Wednesday, March 8, 2017 issue
Fallsburg students use IDs in new lunchbox program
FALLSBURG — Students and teachers at Fallsburg Elementary School recently received identification cards. Last week, the cafeteria had a new program installed call Lunchbox.

Fallsburg was the first school in the district to start this program. On the first day of its use, all of the district's technology staff was on hand to problem shoot and make sure that everything went smoothly. Now as students go through line for breakfast and lunch they use their ID card instead of typing in their lunch number. When they come to the end of the line, the card is swiped and the cafeteria manger can match the student with the picture that appears on the computer screen.

This program allows students to go through line quicker and gives the cafeteria an accurate count of the number of students that eat each meal. The program does all the calculation for each student's account. Food service director Kathy Painter at the board Office receives daily information about the lunch program.

Next in line for the school will be to get the library ready so that students can check out books by scanning their student ID.

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