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Paintsville Elementary christens new playground equipment

by Nikki Pack | PAINTSVILLE — Paintsville Elementary School officially opened its new playground during ceremonies Tuesday.

Led by principal Teresa Petot, awards were given to community members who donated either money or time to the project. They were also served cookies and punch by the Beta Club.

After awards were given out, a class was chosen to demonstrate the new equipment to the people who had made it possible for the equipment to be bought.

Members of the Gold Tiger Club received Tiger plaques as a token of the school’s thanks.

Among those given awards were Nicky Pelphrey, Merle Norman Cosmetics; Jimmy and Janeanne Daniel, Elm Street Resources; Paul and Johnda Pelphrey, Green Mountain Hydroseeding; and Citizens National Bank.

Paintsville Elementary student Aristotle McDonald accepted an award for Action Petroleum. Charlie Harmon accepted an award for the Paintsville Recreation Department for donating manpower and labor to remove the old playground equipment. And students who had given up their summer to pour over catalogs to help pick out the new equipment were also shown thanks by receiving an award. They were Savanna Griffith, Katie Adams, Tyler Bass, Austin Lyon and Laura Runyon.

The playground is not only used by the elementary school, but also becomes somewhat of a neighborhood playground after school hours are over.

“This new playground was a long time coming,” said Petot, who personally thanked each recipient with a handshake or a hug.

She also thanked superintendent Jim Roe for having the foresight to realize how badly the new playground was needed, and the school board for making the students’ wishes come true.

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