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Don't drink the water
Tony Fyffe
I hear they're checking the water in Pike County to find out what's making some elected officials act like Bill Clinton.

Former Pike Circuit Judge Charles Lowe was the latest higher-up to take a drink from the fountain, and he gave up his job in the process. The long-time jurist resigned his position just a week before the state judicial review commission reprimanded him for having a sexual relationship with a woman who had a case pending in court. After the reprimand was issued, Lowe admitted having the affair but denied that it occurred while the woman's case was pending.

Lowe obviously took a sip from the same water Governor Paul Patton drank when he was Pike County's judge-executive. Patton, of course, didn't leave the governor's mansion because of his extracurricular activities, but he will leave office at the end of his term a defeated man. Let's just hope he doesn't return to Pike County a thirsty man.

It's probably just a coincidence that the state's two recent sex scandals involve elected officials from Pike County, but you do have to wonder if their Pike County roots had anything to do with turning them into lean, mean sex machines. Like I said, it could be in the water.

Forget Viagra, guys. Let's head to Pike County!

* * *

It's hard to believe that the primary election is next month.

One of the most interesting races is for attorney general in which House Majority Leader Greg Stumbo is challenging former AG Chris Gorman and State Auditor Ed Hatchett. The race appears to be between Stumbo and Gorman, who has been blasting the Prestonsburg state representative on various issues.

Gorman, of Louisville, has based some of his attacks on stories published in The Big Sandy News. One of those stories had to do with Stumbo's representation of a convicted doctor who dispensed too many pills to his patients. Another had to do with questionable campaign expenditures in Stumbo's last race for the State House.

Stumbo, of course, doesn't think too highly of the BSN, but that doesn't bother us, though. Stumbo has refused to return phone calls seeking comment on our stories and claims we're out to get him. What people like Stumbo don't understand is the more silent they remain, the more guilty they look.

If he loses his race, it will be his fault, not ours.

* * *

I'm feeling kind of guilty lately, too. One of my favorite TV shows is South Park, the animated program on Comedy Central Network which at times can be pretty cruel.

I've been hooked on the show ever since our cable company expanded its service and added tons of new channels. It's one of my guilty pleasures in life, and sometimes I'm ashamed of myself for laughing at it — or with it. But I can't help it. Those South Park kids can be downright hilarious sometimes, especially Eric Cartman, who has become my new hero.

It's pretty bad when a cartoon character is your hero. Then again, Homer Simpson has been another of my heroes for years.

Sometimes cartoon characters make more sense than humans, not to mention be brutally honest.

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