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2003-04-23 for the record
Johnson County 911 report
Monday, April 14

10:08 p.m.: Caller advised vehicle struck gas meter and meter is leaking, Little Mud Lick.

10:14: Caller advised his brother was intoxicated and fighting, causing problems, Rt. 40.

10:55: Alarm company advised they are receiving auto activations, advising someone is possibly trying to break in, Paintsville Auto Body.

11:02: Unit advised they found a window broken on above traffic, someone possibly inside.

11:19: Caller advised she wants male subject removed from her home, Boonscamp.

11:23: Caller advised a male subject is there intoxicated and trying to fight with her husband and son and other subjects. Subjects left in an older white Regal with one headlight, all subjects intoxicated, Rt. 40 West toward Paintsville.

11:24: Fight in progress, neighbors advised they could hear a woman screaming, N. Clay Ave., transferred to KSP.

Tuesday, April 15

12:15 a.m.: Caller requested KSP regarding a breaking and entering , Noisy Branch.

1:17: BP, Rt. 321 called in reference to counterfeit money.

7:57: Traffic lights out, Rt. 321/460.

12:05 p.m.: Brush fire, Fitch Branch.

4:17: Caller advised a female in a newer navy Ford Taurus four-door is possibly intoxicated, two children in vehicle, leaving Shoney's coming back towards town.

4:20: Request units attempt to locate a low-rider Explorer with small tires and rims, red top, white bottom, driven by a Hispanic male who has been harassing a female subject at Shoney's. Unit advised the subjects who advised him of this subject also advised that the male subject has several different names and social security numbers and is possibly an illegal alien from Mexico, last seen around McDonalds, Mayo Plaza.

4:33: Caller requested extra patrol for ATV's, Butcher Hollow.

5:26: Caller advised cattle in her yard, Rt. 40 East.

8:22: Unit was advised of a newer blue Toyota passenger car is driving reckless.

8:23: Reference to complaint on reckless driver, Miller's Creek.

10:19: Caller advised the subject in the low-rider Explorer is at a couple's residence harassing them, Lower Twin.

11:53: Caller advised she wanted a unit to contact her regarding a domestic involving her sister. She advised that her sister called her wanting her to come get her. The sister advised her husband was intoxicated and had beat her up and wanted someone to come get her. The husband advised that if someone came up there he would start shooting, KSP contacted, Jenny's Creek.

Wednesday, April 16

10:37 a.m.: Caller advised his business has been broken into and he needs a report, Inside and Out Detail, Broadway.

12:01 p.m.: Caller advised domestic in progress, Wolfpen.

12:48: D.S.S. advised elderly male and underage female making out in alley, unit advised subjects were high school students, advised students to go back to school, Main Street.

12:58: Unit with subject who is having problems with a tenant, Ponderosa Apts.

5:37: Caller advised a subject may be selling marijuana in front of children, Wittensville.

6:19: Caller requested officer regarding damage to vehicle and theft, Auto Locator.

7:18: Caller advised a male subject in a red Ford Ranger got out of his vehicle and urinated in front of her daughter, Paintsville.

9:34: Report of forest fire, Burnt Cabin Road.

11:15: Caller advised of two subjects at Oil Springs growing marijuana behind their garage, wanted officer to contact him.

11:23: Caller requested to speak with an officer regarding a hit and run, advised she was on her way to Highlands Regional.

11:33: All units advised to attempt to located a small white four-door passenger car with two male subjects inside, driver wearing a black toboggan, involved in earlier hit and run.

Thursday, April 17

12:17 p.m.: Hit and run, Peebles parking lot, Mayo Plaza.

2:31: Caller advised male subject fell off tractor and is trapped, Ulysses. While on phone with dispatch, Lawrence County advised they already had the call.

3:13: Reference to search warrant, unit requests rollback, seized marijuana plants in a building, also truck, four-wheeler, Rt. 580.

3:28: Advised two subjects fighting with knife, both subjects were advised of their options, Mayo Plaza.

3:49: Caller advised of reckless driver, blue Neon, also did damage to mother-in-law's yard, Rt. 302.

5:18: Prestonsburg City police advised they got a call regarding a possibly intoxicated driver in a tan Toyota pickup, turned into a hollow next to Porter School.

5:46: Caller advised possibly intoxicated driver in an older green Honda Civic, advised vehicle looks like it had already hit a guardrail or two, coming down Paintsville side of Starfire Hill.

10:54: Caller advised male subject at residence had beat her up and is trying to take their child, advised she needs help, Dixon Branch.

11:09: Caller advised he needed to speak with an officer in reference to a vehicle he sold and the people refuse to pay for it, Rt. 40 East.

Friday, April 18

12:57 a.m.: Attempting to locate gray passenger car, damage to vehicle, running on rim 25-30 mph with female bleeding from head, US 23 South.

6:53: Mud slide about a mile from Dewey Dam on Johnson County side.

7:54: Culvert stopped up, water running across road, Rt. 581.

8:16: Tree blocking roadway.

8:49: Caller advised a male subject is beating on female subject, caller's husband went to assist female, male subject then pulled female into residence, King Drive.

12:46 p.m.: Reference to mail fraud, Meally.

12:54: Contact female subject regarding assault last night and husband threatening to pick up child, Flat Gap.

1:50: Caller advised female on property, not supposed to be there, verbal domestic, Dixon Branch.

2:34: Check on cable hanging down in roadway, Rt. 1107.

2:52: Caller advised 17-year-old son out of control, Rocky Knob.

3:54: Fairchild's pick up vehicle abandoned for over a week beside road at Kirk's Law office.

4:11: Caller requested a unit contact him regarding some questions.

4:29: Caller advised his wife's father is making threats against his life. Questions were also about a domestic that occurred where his wife was the perpetrator.

4:49: Caller advised horse in yard, North Buckingham.

5:01: Patient out of control, Paul B. Hall RMC.

6:13: Caller advised door at Java House had closed sign up, door was unlocked and purse was on counter, nobody answered her.

6:16: Reference to several intoxicated subjects outside The Dungeon.

6:36: Caller advised the neighbor's dog tried to bite their son, also killed one of their chickens and harmed another one, Rt. 172.

7:10: Caller advised his neighbor was verbally threatening him and his wife, Bee Branch.

7:39: Caller advised of possible domestic at residence, possibly intoxicated subjects and children in residence, Burglar Hollow.

8:11: Caller advised three subjects fighting in front of residence at Bee Branch, unknown on weapons.

8:49: Caller from Paul B. Hall RMC advised they have a subject who was involved in an auto accident earlier this date and law enforcement wasn't contacted.

9:22: Caller advised hit and run, parked car, Mayo Plaza.

10:48: Caller advised someone broke into residence and stole a desktop computer, advised subject left a flashlight on the counter, Music Branch.

11:55: Caller advised officer needed at his mother's residence in reference to a stolen gun, Castle Fork.

Saturday, April 19

12:48 a.m.: Caller requested to speak with an officer regarding his four-wheeler that was seized when a subject was taken into custody for having drugs.

3:15: Caller advised of fight in progress, several subjects in front yard fighting, Hager Hill Loop.

6:51: Unit advised dispatch that a male subject flagged him down and advised him that a male subject had taken some type of drug by syringe and had poured kerosene all over his body and was threatening to set himself on fire, Sitka.

10:41: Caller requested an officer to Van Lear in reference to finding a burned vehicle at old Van Lear dump site.

11:53: Caller requested officer at Food City in reference to managers in foot pursuit of shoplifters in parking lot, has shoplifters apprehended, female violent.

1:32 p.m.: Prestonsburg P.D. requested officer to go to Carriage House in reference to gold passenger car that picked up nine-year-old juvenile without parents permission and brought her to Carriage House. Juvenile was returned to her mother.

1:46: Caller requested officer in reference to a subject going through her mail, Nippa.

3:14: ATV complaint, Van Lear.

3:40: Caller advised a subject in a dark green or possibly black Toyota pickup passed him and flashed some type of hand gun at him, Rt. 460 coming toward Paintsville.

3:41: Caller requested a unit contact her regarding disposing of some medicine.

4:01: ATV accident, caller advised ATV had rolled on top of man, Rt. 40.

4:12: Caller advised there is an older gray, possibly a Chevet, driving reckless, Broadway heading toward the plaza.

6:19: Caller advised that a neighborhood juvenile was out of control, using profanity at the adults. Also juveniles father was threatening to do bodily harm to the caller, Staffordsville.

6:32: Caller advised possibly found human remains around Daniel's Creek on a strip job.

6:51: En route to Van Lear strip mine off Rt. 3 to location where remains might be. Caller called back and stated his brother had gone past the location again and there was a man with a shotgun standing guard.

7:34: Caller advised two motorcycles racing, Van Lear.

9:05: Caller advised a newer Mustang is driving reckless, possibly intoxicated, Chevron next to John Gray's.

9:13: Caller advised two reckless drivers, one in a silver passenger car with a purple light around the tag. The other vehicle is a maroon Toyota pickup with white or gray details on the vehicle and W. Va. tags.

9:41: Caller requested a unit in reference to having a window broken out with a basketball, North Gate.

10:07: Caller advised there is a silver full-size king cab pickup behind them driving very reckless, Rt. 460, turned onto US 23 South.

10:08: Caller advised a green Dodge Intrepid backed into her vehicle. She is in front of Maurice's in a red Sunfire.

10:35: Caller from BP on Rt. 321 next to the bank advised of gas drive-off, gray, odd-colored PT Cruiser, $5.00, now stationary at the bank.

Sunday, April 20

2:15 a.m.: All units attempt to locate a white van in reference to armed robbery that occurred at Regency Apt. in Floyd County.

3:47: Black Ford Explorer, two-door, possibly intoxicated, Northbound on US 23.

8:05: Officer requested to Powell Addition in reference to breaking and entering on storage building.

12:31 p.m.: Observe for black Ford Ranger traveling Rt. 172, broken windshield.

2:02: Caller requested officer regarding two male subjects out in roadway fighting, unknown on weapons, Thealka.

4:05: Caller requested extra patrol regarding four-wheelers and go-carts driving reckless, S. Buckingham Ave.

4:23: Caller advised of a two-vehicle accident, stated she didn't see anyone getting out of the vehicles, Rt. 40 West.

6:18: Caller requested extra patrol regarding several different vehicles in and out of the area, Narrows Fork Road.

6:51: Caller advised possible domestic in progress, male and female fighting, unknown on weapons, Wolfpen.

7:10: Juveniles on motorcycles, Middle Fork.

7:10: Possible structure fire on Rt. 581.

7:46: Caller requested a unit make contact in reference to dog trying to attack him again. Caller advised they are in a court battle over the animal and subject was ordered to keep the dog put up. Caller advised the neighbor had to scream at the dog and it stopped, Swamp Branch.

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