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Wednesday, March 8, 2017 issue
Warfield Middle to host Star Party
by Cletus Turner

WARFIELD - Warfield Middle School teachers Richard Delong and Ruby Clark in cooperation with Gear Up, Warfield Middle School Youth Service Center, and the East Kentucky Science Center are holding a Star Party and Family Fun Night May 2.

According to YSC director Oretha Stanley, various activities will be held from 4 p.m. until dark.

“We will be showing a movie and there will be refreshments for the students and their families,” Stanley said. “The theme, of course, is the stars. We will be serving Milky Way bars, moon pies and similar items.”

In the gymnasium, a star laboratory, which is a portable planetarium, will be on display and hosted by East Kentucky Science Center representative Mike Burchett. Students will also be able to visit a NASA/JPL activity. The JPL is a jet propulsion lab. From the East Kentucky Science Center, Danny Blevins, who has been trained by NASA for the lab, will be showing videos and will have models for students to view.

Clark and Delong will have other activities set up for students to participate in.

“We will be doing astronaut training,” Delong said. “One activity we will be doing is to show how different gravity is in space. The student will try to stand on their head while eating a marshmallow.”

After dark, weather permitting, Delong said a new 16-inch telescope will be set up on the WMS football field for students to star gaze. Two other telescopes brought in by the East Kentucky Science Center will be available for students to use.

“It will be a new moon, so that is the best time for star gazing,” Delong said.

The lack of light from the moon allows the star gazer to better view the stars.

Delong said students and their whole family are invited to join in on the fun.

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