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Fallsburg honor roll

FALLSBURG — The Fallsburg Elementary School Honor Roll has been announced.

Making the honor roll were:

All As

Delong’s third grade: Phillip Barnett, Stephen Burke and Brandon Gauze.

P. Chapman’s sixth grade: Alicia Bentley.

Hayes’ eighth grade: Mikie Young.

Mrs. Triplett’s fifth grade: Morgan Cox

All As and Bs

Marcum’s second grade: Kaitlin Skeens and Derek Wilks.

T. Chapman’s fourth grade: Larisa Gauze, Mark McClanahan, Zachary Priddy and Krystal Vance.

Copley’s second grade: Tabitha Salyer.

Delong’s third grade: Becky Bentley, Jacob Mylar, Thomas Senters and Lauren Thornsberry.

Waggoner’s third grade: Blayne Savage, J. D. Maynard, Robert Osburn and Harold Newsome.

Ratliff’s fourth grade: Jessica Thornsberry, Katrina Petty and Kayla Young.

Case’s sixth grade: Rainey Mosley and Kayla Watson.

P. Chapman’s sixth grade: Courtney Pigg.

Hewlett’s seventh grade: Sarah Setser and Juliana Thornbury.

Butcher’s eighth grade: Travis Cox, Mollie Jobe, Amanda Osburn and Jeremy Snead.

Hayes’ eighth grade: Lucy Hammond and Derrick Moore.

Mrs. Triplett’s fifth grade: Tanner Stevens, Evett Wilks and Sarah Workman.

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