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Trinity Christian Academy honors

LOUISA Trinity Christian Academy announced the fifth six weeks honor roll recently.

The honor roll includes:

K- 5, all As: Bethany Barlett, Joshua Cantrell, Casey Keesee, Kelli Lemaster, John Newman, Evan Ratcliff, Braxton Sartin, Kaitlyn Sizemore, Sam Ward, and Jacob West.

As and Bs - Caroline Clevenger, Laiken Daniels, Ashton Marcum, Sam Ward and Hali Young.

First grade, all As: Tyler Martin.

As and Bs - Jeffery Burchett, Savannah Cyrus, Nevin Mullins, Dalton Smith, and James Tackett.

Second grade, all As - Caitlyn Barnett, Carly Dillow, Elise Kinser, Katie Frasher and Brooke Tucker.

As and Bs: Jacob Castle, A.J. Cyrus, Kaitlin Lemaster, Joshua Robinett and Kristina Triplett.

Third grade, all As: Brandon Holley, Sammie Lamb, Hannah Slone, Kelly Sparks, Ashley Thompson, Chelsea West and Alex Hogan.

As and Bs: Chad Higgins, Alex Hogan, Zach Humphrey and Cody Marcum.

Fourth grade, all As: Katherine Borders, Scott Ellis and Hannah Lowndes.

As and Bs: Brian Arbaugh, Myky Harmon, Kendra Horn, Laura Kegley, Kendra Meredith, Tanner Queen, Kristen Reed and Hunter Schafer.

Fifth grade, all As: Chip Newman and Lawson Whites. As and Bs - Ashley Cook, Jordan Begley and Kasi Matney.

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