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Property transfers
Floyd County

To Ted McDonald from Joel D. and Elizabeth Jenson.

To Jennifer Hamilton Stamey from Deloris Ann Hamilton Tackett.

To Jimmy Harvey from Bertee and Retta Faye Adkins, Emit and Lorenia Adkins, Charles and Magdalene Adkins, Ray and Joyce Adkins, and Helen George.

To Donna L. Price from Michael L. Patrick.

To Kennis E. and Linda G. Williams from Nolan and Laura Sakow.

To Squire Hamilton from Larry and Deloris M. Hamilton.

To Sherrie Coleman from Clyde and Sheila Sue Boyd.

To John W. and Lisa Bryant from John W. and Lisa Bryant.

To Andrea Ferrell from Mary Alice Marshall.

To Hezzie Samons, Jr. from Troy B. Samons.

To Troy B. Samons from Linda Samons.

To Colin Vanderpool from Jennifer Caudill Newsome and Phillip Newsome.

To Sharon Mitchell and Larry D. Jarvis from Thoroughbred Development, Inc.

To Jack and Aileen Osborne from Keith E. and Dennis Parsons.


Johnson County

To Arthur Castle from Billy and Ida Baker.

To Ollie Ratliff Southern from James and Teresa Lynn Brackett; A.J. Ratliff; Holly and Debra Vanhoose Ratliff; and Ledonna Smith, Patrina and Shelly Ratliff.

To Bobby Gayheart from Citizens National Bank.

To Paul Branham from Linda Hall.

To Paul D. Caudill from Raymond L. and Vicki Hurley.

To Ollie Ratliff Southern from Roscoe and Martha Ratliff Kidd.

To Donald W. Stanley from John L. and Jeanne A. Lemaster.

To Tommy Roop from Linda Kay Lyon.

To Beverly Estep from W.H. and Clista Pelfrey.

To Johnny Castle from Herma Preston.

To Ollie Ratliff Southern from Deborah M. Ratliff, Lawrence Ratliff.


Lawrence County

To Carol S. Chapman from Leslie Coleman.

To Marie and Gary L. Crawford, and Elberta and John Matthews from Deborah and Charles Spears and Robert and Elizabeth Austin.

To Ronnie and Alana Tackett from Wayne and Glenna Layne.

To Glen D. Boyd from Dwight and Susan Keeton.

To Royetta Rice from Willie and Thelma Parks.

To Randy and Mary Jo Simpkins from James and Jo Simpson.

To Billy Jo Wellman from Dorothy and Rose and Robert Moore.

To Raymond Dixon III and Elizabeth Dixon from Terry and Donna Fluty.

To Donivan Waugh and Richard Carter from Benny and Gertrude Hammond.

To Jackie Ross Jude from Curtis Jude Jr. and Judith Jude.

To Joseph E. Carter from Teresa M. Carter.

To Gerald and Linda Kuhn from Arnold and Dixie Evans.

To Howard and Karen Lemaster from Bruce and Karen Workman.

To Melinda Christian from Ella Maynard.


Martin County

To Mack Arthur Scott from Jeffrey Bryant Waller and Loretta Waller; James Bradley Waller and Tonya Waller; and Jerry Waller and Shirley Waller.

To Harvey Blackburn and Brenda Blackburn from Jesse Maynard Jr. and Cheryl Maynard.

To Harvey Blackburn and Martha Blackburn from Russell James and Dolly James.

To Harvey Blackburn from Martha Blackburn.

To Linda Joyce Evans and Mary Ruth Evans from Russell Evans and Patty Evans.

To Ray Carter from Dorothy Carter; Mary Kathleen Stepp Jarvis and Earl Jarvis; Deloris Carter; Thelma Carter; and Robert Carter Jr. and Wanda Carter.

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