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Wednesday, March 8, 2017 issue
Property transfers
Floyd County

To Toney Newsome from Toney Newsome and Ruby Newsome.

To Charles and Lorie Foley from Darrell Jones.

To Della Marsillett Hackworth from Mike D. Caldwell.

To Leslie Hamilton from Andy Lee Hamilton.

To John B. and Ladonna A. Goble from Raymond Morris and Jeri Lynn Copley.

To Beverly Likens from Jean and Rodge Keathley, Phil and Loretta Wilburn and Melissa Likens.

To James and Cora Pennington from Malcolm and Lydia Kimbler.

To Scarlett and John Paul Biliter from James A. and Mabel Morris and Vivian and Cutis Ousley, Jr.

To Donald and Judy Yates from Diana Keathley and Stallard Boyd.

To Tony Branham from Paul and Pluma Branham.

To Tabitha Blackburn from Danny K. and Lou An Salyers.

To Ray and Juanita C. Knott from Interstate Natural Gas Company.


Johnson County

To Deborah Fitzpatrick from Herbert C. and Betty L. Arms.

To Virgil Auxier Jr. from Kenneth and Wanda Auxier.

To Darrell Conley from Paul D. and Margaret Brown.

To Frederick Burchett from John and Alene Burton.

To Bobby Allen Cantrell from Mary Ann Cantrell.

To James C. Castle from Eloise Castle and Walter Castle Jr.

To Daniel Maxie from Linda Conley.

To Gary Ward from Opal Daniels and Joy Fannin.

To Bobby Fairchild from Gary Fairchild.

To Teresa Horn from Harrison Horn Jr.

To Scotty Kimbler from Richard Kimbler.

To Commonwealth of Kentucky from Jesse Mayhan.

To Maria Salisbury from Clarence Music and Jodie Music.

To WIlliam Barker from John Wayne and Lillie Nelson.

To Stafford Building from North Main Properties, Inc.

To Charles Ross from Eugene Pennington.


Lawrence County

To Robert and Teresa Moore from Bonnie Russell.

To Rhonda Delong from William Delong Jr.

To Garrick and Teria Fitch from Mildred Kitzel.

To Darrell Church from Bliss Alfred Church Jr.

To Darrell Church from Alva Fitch.

To Darrell Church from Bernadine Church.

To Darrell Church from Bethel Dickens.

To Erin Evans from Juanita Keeton.


Martin County

To Howard Ray Fields and Lavonne Fields from William Elias Muncy and Bonnie Muncy.

To R & J Development Company LLC from Commonwealth of Kentucky by Gordon C. Duke, Secretary of Finance Administration Cabinet.

To Gary Endicott from Jack H. Horn and Gladys C. Horn.

To Allen Ray Bowen and Gladys Ann Bowen from Branch Banking and Trust Company.

To Sherman Salmons from Sherman Shawn Salmons and Elizabeth Salmons.

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