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BSN Births

April 15: a daughter, Alyssa Marie, to Jamilyn and William Willis; a son, Ryan Steven, to Steven and Jessica Workman; a son, Niles David, to Ginger and Mark Halbert.

April 16: a son, Colin Thomas, to Jeffrey and Debra Scott; a daughter, Ashley Nichole, to Robert and Joann Caudill; a son, Zachary Jordan, to Billy Joe and Donna Caroll Smith; a daughter, Shania Gabriel Staton, to Autum Fannin.

April 17: a daughter, Emily Madison, to Ricky Ervin and Vickie Lynn Fannin; a daughter, Kenzie Lynn, to Franklin Ray and Ellen Jude; a son, Matthew Dyan, to Rachel and Eric Newsome; a son, Braedon Darryl, to Charles and LaDara Rose; a son, Ryan Charles Kenneth, to Kenneth and Rebecca Wallace.

April 21: a daughter, Hannah Jo, to Jessica and Wilford Jarrell.

April 23: a daughter, Natalie Charae Bailey, to Janet Caudill: a son, Deven McKay, to Dennis and Jennifer Hutchinson.

April 25: a son, Tucker Dwayne, to Cynthia and Oakie Reffett; a son, Donald Keith Colvin, to Sarah Burge; a son, Peyton Michael, to Amanda and Billy Cornett; a son, Isaiah, to Susan and James Farris; a daughter, Da Miyua Sophia Lawrence Spence, to Latoya Renee Lawrence.

April 26: a daughter, Alexandria Diane, to Holly and James Hoover.

April 28: a son, Isaiah Ryan, to Joshua and Valerie Huffman; a son, Ronnie Elijah Blue, to Teresa C. and James E. Fletcher; a son, James Dylan, to Samantha Kestner; a son, Stephen Lynn Jr., to Stephen and Elizabeth Robertson; a son, Trenton Erik, to Sharon and Steven Yaunk.

April 29: a daughter, Kelli Brook, to Leo and Stephanie Hopson; a daughter, Myra Page, to Tonya and Pearl Mills; a daugter, Kaitlyn Marie, to Joshua and Myra Hall.

April 30: a daughter, Ashley Nicole, to Christina and Edsill Watson; a son, Aaron Jeffery, to Jeffery and Zelma Watson; a daughter, Muca Paige, to Erica Gayle and David McKinney; a son, Joseph Ryan, to Jennifer and Joshua Welch.

May 1: a daughter, Leandra Grace to Deena and Clinton Thomas; a son, Cameron Edward, to Violet and Gerald Scott; a son, Andrew Michael, to Jennifer and Michael Brown.

May 3: a daughter, Kayla Breann, to Deborah Sue and Timothy Sexton; a son, Andrew Lynn, to Ethel Shenk.

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