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Presley inks with Nashville company


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BEAUTY — A Martin County woman has signed a deal with a major Nashville publishing company.

Angaleena Presley of Beauty inked a writer's deal with Ten-Ten Publishing, which has been credited with launching Alan Jackson's career. Presley's mother said that her daughter doesn't want to sing.

"The company is pushing for her to sing, but she doesn't want that lifestyle," Cathy Presley said. "When they did the 'Where will you be in 10 years?' at Sheldon Clark, she said she wanted to be a music writer. It's a dream come true."

The younger Presley has been writing songs since she was six years old. She graduated from Eastern Kentucky University, majoring in psychology. She got a job in Richmond at a day care center and later transferred to Nashville. There, she worked during the day and sang at writer's lounges and honky tonks at night.

"She was singing three or four times a day," Cathy Presley said. "She was discovered there."

Cathy Presley said her daughter sold 20 songs to the publishing company.

"None of them were the one's she wrote for me for personal occasions. I don't want to share those with anyone," Cathy Presley said.

Angaleena Presley said she remembers developing a strong passion for music at an early age. She also remembers hearing her aunts and grandmother singing folk ballads that had been passed down from generation to generation.

Angaleena Presley said to reporters that she was nervous when she first played in Nashville and that an industry insider gave her his card and told her she "was very talented."

The Hall of Fame Lounge and the Broken Spoke are two of the venues Presley sang in before getting the deal.

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