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Summer camp shows include EKSC's Great Electricity Show
The East PDF Kentucky Science Center will generate hair-raising excitement for summer campers this summer with its new line up of summer camp programs for organizations conducting their own camps in the region.

Programs include continuation of the Science Center's Great Electricity Show in Pike Auditorium on Prestonsburg Community College Campus, Prestonsburg. Campers will get a charge out of this exploration of static electricity that includes a hair-raising 750,000-volt Van de Graff Ball and a lightning bolt generating 1,000,000-volt Tesla Coil. The Great Electricity Show will be available from 10 a.m. to 1l:00 a.m. on Fridays.

Other program presentations include:

* Viewing the Summer Sun, a daytime program. Campers soak up rays as they investigate solar processes and observe different solar features through telescopes equipped with white light and hydrogen alpha filters. Available in two 1 hour sessions or four 1 hour sessions.

* What's Up Down There?, a daytime program. Campers dig in the dirt as they use field techniques to study soil characteristics at different sites on their school or campgrounds. Available in two 1 hour sessions or four 1 hour sessions.

* The Wild in My Backyard, a daytime program. Campers will explore their school or camp environment and make observations of current weather conditions, landforms, flora, fauna, microenvironments and much more. Available for two 1 hour sessions or four 1 hour sessions.

* Night Hike, a nighttime program. Night Hike starts at dusk and is a three-hour session. Campers sharpen their night vision skills and look for nocturnal critters on this walk in the dark. The location should have few or no street lights and a safe area or trail for walking in the dark. Flashlights with red lenses will be provided.

Viewing the Summer Sun, What's Up Down There, The Wild in My Backyard, and Night Hike are outdoor programs only and are held weather permitting. A rain date will be available on the following day if inclement weather occurs. These programs are not appropriate for preschool and kindergarten students.

Summer camp participants are also encouraged to attend the Science Center's Public Star Parties. Star Parties are free, open to the public and are held near the StoneCrest Golf Course, on Maggie Mountain at Prestonsburg. Star Parties are appropriate for all ages. Star Parties are scheduled for Friday, June 27, and Friday, July 25. The event usually begins at sunset. Star Parties are subject to cancellation if inclement weather occurs. Check the Science Center's website: for postings.

To schedule a program, contact Pauletta Burke at EKSC at (606) 889-0303. For additional information about the programs or about the Science Center, visit The East Kentucky Science Center is a non-profit education organization based in Prestonsburg.

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