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Wednesday, March 8, 2017 issue
Highlands Regional

Medical Center

May 7: a son, Tyler Shane, to Christie and Neil Gibson.

May 8: a daughter, Juliana Renai, to Harmon and Leela Stroud; a daughter, Madison Annalyse, to Michael and Brandi Reni Dalton; a daughter, Cheyanne Madison, to Larhonda and Denny Saylor; a daughter, Madison Olivia, to Shonda Jean and Randy Lee Pennington.

May 9: a son, Justin Keith, to Stephanie and Michael Casey; a daughter, Aliyah Shyann Maynard, to Elisha Ann Fletcher; a son, Jared Joseph Hale Jr., to Ellinda Mae and Jared Lee Hale.

May 10: a John Connor, to Clyde and Stephanie Johnson; a daughter, Jaden Lenore, to Diana and David Bowling; a daughter, Kaylee Alyssa Gail Patrick, to Kandra Gail Risner.

May 11: a daughter, Karlee Jaynell Stewart, to Leah Aundrea Jaynell Bacon.

May 12: a daughter, Alley Brendan, to Tabitha and James McCluskey; a son, Kaden Isaac, to Jessica and Anthony Conn.

May 13: a son, Brady Joseph Hall, to Katnna Gilliam; a son, Richard Allen Sword, to Crystal Ann Williams.

May 14: a daughter, Jerah Kathleen, to Katherine and Jerry Castle; a son, Landon James, to Jamie Julian; a daughter, Kaylee Brooke, to Valerie and Wilburn Page.

May 15: a son, James Chadrick Burchett Jr., to Tristina Michelle Baril; a son, Ethan Lee, to Jacob Allen and Sharon Wireman; a daughter, Christine Elizabeth, to Marcella and Abe Howell.

May 16: a son, Ethan Ryan, to Steven and Leslie Reynolds; a daughter, Hope Isabella, to Carolie and James Williams.

May 17: a son, Kevin Charles, to Betsy and Joey Elswick.

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