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Property transfers
Land transfers filed with county court clerks across the Big Sandy region.

Floyd County

To Lee M. Lewis from Inez Deposit Bank.

To Marsha Hall Smith from Jimmy Edward and Betty Hall.

To Opal D. Williams from Rusty E. and Billy Sue Duty.

To Earl H. and Vickie L. Lambert from the City of Prestonsburg.

To the Commonwealth of Kentucky from Pilgrims Home Church.

To Chalmer Dewayne Allen from Mary Patton Allen.

To Eva Carpenter from James Darrell Youmans and Delilah Lorraine and Ronnie Blackburn.

To Ronnie and Cassandra Akers from Ronnie and Raquel Keathley Lawson.

To Larry R. Gross from Virgie Gross.

To Thomas and Ada Wicker from Willis and Kay Abner.

To Ronald McCoy from Lori Coleman and Derrick Owsley.

To Shawn W. Combs from Shawn W. Combs and Kevin and Lesha Prater d/b/a Parsons Branch Development.

To Vernie and Annette Bradley from Velma Trivette.

To Larry E. and Jessica Jarrell from Woodrow Jarrell, Jr. and Carria Jarrell.

To Gregory D. Stumbo and Gene "Rusty" Schifle d/b/a Mountaintop Development from the City of Prestonsburg.

To James M. Goble from Pike Electric, Inc.

To the Commonwealth of Kentucky from Charles and Brenda Gray and Roland Gray.

To Debra S.T. Leggett from Raymond Edward Goble.

To Clara Hughes and Everett Akers, Jr. from Everett Akers, Jr.

To Michael and Eulah Ann Slone from Marvin and Theresa Moore.

To Donald Ray and Darlene Newsome from Leonard Martin.

To Opal Williams Hatfield from James Kenneth Hatfield.

To Randall A. and Kathy C. Hayes from Dorothy C. Hayes.


Johnson County

To Melinda Music from Donald Amerson, M.D.

To Sandra Ray Murphy from Charles Ray and Elsie Banks.

To Paul Fannin from Donald and Effie Cunnagin.

To James Robert Guess from James T. and Janie Franklin.

To Linda Russell from Geraldine Gross.

To Lee Grigsby from Dale W. and Garnett Sue Gullett.

To James Hall from Norma Horne.

To Roger Clark from James Roger and Connie Elaine Skaggs Lane.


Lawrence County

To Mark Addis and John Addis from Laura Hay.

To Tony Moore from Jenny Moore.

To James Maynard and Darrell Maynard from Robert and Irene Fairchild.

To Jerry and Tammy Debord from George and Sue Thompson.

To Jim Cyrus from Jimmy Ray Moore.

To Charles P. Preece from Charles E. and Phyllis Preece.


Martin County

To Wade Thompson and Angela Thompson from Dolly F. Daniel.

To Robert L. Oaks Jr. and Sheila Oaks from Chester L. McCoy and Kimberly A. McCoy.

To Kenny McCoy and Debbie McCoy from Roseanna Mills and Walter Wade Mills.

To Columbus Muncy from Laudie Muncy Steele.

To Michael D. Crum and Sonia R. Crum from Russell James Jr.; Nancy James; Galla Faye Raver; Martha Karen Blackburn Raver and Frank M. Raver.

To John Jude and Sue Jude from Carl Kirk and Vada M. Kirk.

To Prentice Randall Preece from Gladys Preece.

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