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Cream of the Crop: SFHS


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HI HAT — South Floyd High School has announced its top graduates for the class of 2003.

They are:

— Sheree Hamilton, the daughter of Rusty and Joanne Hamilton of Hi Hat.

— Stephanie Skeans, the daughter of Leonard and Jeanette Skeans of McDowell.

— Shawna Little, the daughter of Hobert and Karen Little of Melvin.

— Tyler Hall, the son of Truman and Angie Hall of Bevinsville.

— Ashley Tackett, the daughter of Mark and Mary Tackett of Melvin.

— Vanessa Maynor, the daughter of Jerry and Carol Maynor of Weeksbury.

— Merl Wagoner, the son of Merl and Angie Wagoner of McDowell.

— Shane Allen, the son of Stanley and Rita Allen of Minnie.

— Jeremy Burke, the son of Jerry and Lina Burke of Bevinsville. (Picture not available.)

— Gerald Martin, the son of Jeffrey and Greta Martin of Hi Hat.

— Jennifer Lackey, the daughter of Deanna Mullins of Bevinsville.

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