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Accident at Lovely injures one
Lilly Adkins

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LOVELY A Blacklog man was injured in an automobile accident on Route 292 in Martin County Tuesday morning after his vehicle hit a tree.

Sammy Maynard was reportedly not wearing a seatbelt and nearly lost an ear when he lost control of the 1992 Geo he was driving south on Route 292, police said.

Maynard had to be extricated from the vehicle which laid on its side after it hit the tree and flipped by the Warfield Volunteer Fire Department.

"I'm guessing that he was doing no more than 55 miles per hour through here," Martin County sheriff's deputy Larry Workman said. "If he had been, it probably would have been even worse. I haven't determined what caused him to lose control of the vehicle, but for some reason he crossed the yellow line and ended up striking the tree causing the vehicle to flip."

Workman said he wasn't sure about the extent of Maynard's injuries but that he had been transported to Three Rivers Medical Center in Louisa and that his "ear had been nearly severed."

Members of the Warfield and Pigeon Roost volunteer fire departments were present along with the Martin County Rescue Squad, NetCare Ambulance Service and the sheriff's department.

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