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District Court dispositions

Johnson County

June 5 docket

Judge John “Kevin” Holbrook

Anthony Scott Frantz: speeding 15 mph over limit - guilty, $140.50.

Ricky Gene Gamble: improper equipment - guilty, $135.50. No Kentucky motor fuel users license, 395 federal safety reg. - guilty, $50.

Clyde Thomas Ward: license to be in possession - guilty, $110.50

William Martin Webb: AI - guilty, $145.50.


Martin County

June 2 docket

John “Kevin” Holbrook

Brandon Todd Maynard: assault 4th degree minor injury - diversion for one year on condition not to commit any acts of violence.

Kathy J. Preston: speeding 9 mph over limit - six month diversion on condition no violations of law.

Thomas Walter Raines: license not in possession - guilty, $100.

Eddie R. Sansom: speed 14 mph over limit - six month diversion.

Raymond G. Slone: terroristic threatening third degree - one year diversion on condition no acts of violence or violation of law.

Danny R. Mollett: cultivation of Marijuana-fewer than five plants - guilty, six months in jail, probated for two years.

Jerry Preece: failure to wear seatbelt - six months diversion.

Winfred Preece: failure to wear seatbelt - six months diversion.


Lawrence County

June 11 docket

Judge John “Kevin” Holbrook

Jerry Bryant: minor possession of alcohol, AI - guilty, $50.

Bennie R. Cantrell: AI - guilty, $159.50.

Roy Sam Crisp: speeding 10 mph over limit - guilty, $130.50.

Billy J. Graham: DUI - guilty, $564.50.

Michael Wade Griffith: possession of marijuana - guilty, $234.50.

Billy J. Hall: operating on suspended license-guilty, $25.

Derek Hooser: driving on DUI suspended license, no tail lamps - guilty, $125.

Shawn King: disregard stop sign, no insurance - guilty, $75.

Frank Marchesini: AI - guilty $25.

David McKenzie: AI, possession of marijuana - guilty, $125.

Willie Mollett: disregard traffic control device, operating on suspended license - guilty, $125.

Jerry Dale Moore: AI - guilty,$159.50.

Connie Faye Parcell: no insurance - guilty, $50.

Daniel O. Sartin: operating on suspended license, speeding 10 mph over limit - guilty, $120.

Travis Gene Shortridge: driving from side to side, DUI, operating on suspended license - guilty, $325.

Tammy Lou York: failure to use child restraint, failure to wear seatbelt - guilty, $75.

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