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Attorney calls article on Stumbo 'erroneous'
BSN editor clarifies fed interest in campaign
Susan Allen

PRESTONSBURG — The attorney for Democrat Attorney General nominee Greg Stumbo issued a demand to The Big Sandy News for "an immediate retraction of the erroneous and misleading story" published by the BSN on June 11.

That story indicated federal authorities would "neither confirm nor deny a report received by The Big Sandy News that a subpoena has been issued for campaign records filed by...Stumbo..."

In a letter dated June 16, Louisa attorney Pierce Butler Whites, who represents Stumbo, claimed the BSN had "reported that a subpoena had been issued for Greg Stumbo's campaign records. Not only has this been denied by Mr. Stumbo and his campaign manager, but no such subpoena has been received by the Kentucky Registry of Election Finance, which is the public entity charged with keeping such records."

Whites' letter was accompanied by a letter from Sarah M. Jackson, executive director for the Kentucky Registry of Election Finance, that states that "The Registry has not been served with a subpoena from any state and/or federal investigative agency in the last twelve (12) months relating to..." Stumbo campaign records.

In response to Whites' demand, BSN editor Scott Perry said Monday that the June 11 article in question "did not report, as Mr. Whites contends, that a subpoena 'had been issued' for Mr. Stumbo's campaign records.

"Our story indicated we had received a report that a subpoena had been issued and we noted that report was neither confirmed nor denied by federal authorities investigating vote fraud in Eastern Kentucky," Perry added.

"We do, however, agree that readers may have gotten the wrong impression from the headline, which indicated 'Feds examine Stumbo campaigns,'" Perry said. "That is an accurate headline, but it may have misled readers to believe that a subpoena has been issued."

"The Big Sandy News has confirmed that Stumbo campaign records have been requested from the Kentucky Registry of Election Finance by federal authorities," Perry added. "That point could have and should have been made clearer in our June 11 article."

"Again, while that article did not say that Stumbo records have been subpoenaed," Perry said, "we will oblige Mr. White by saying that any impression readers may have gotten from the June 11 article that a subpoena had been issued was in error. However, the point of the article was to report that federal authorities have asked the KREF for Mr. Stumbo's campaign records, and that point remains valid," Perry said.

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