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Louisa man is among the crowd rounded up in W.Va. drug probe
Roberta Blevins
FORT GAY, W.Va. A two-month drug investigation in Fort Gay, W.Va., came to a head last week with two dozen arrest warrants issued.

Wayne County Sheriff Dave Pennington said 16 of the 24 people charged in the investigation were rounded up by late Friday afternoon.

The Wayne County Sheriff's Department and the West Virginia State Police have been making undercover drug buys in the Fort Gay area for several months, according to authorities.

"More than 90 percent of the drugs we've bought were prescription drugs, very little of it was marijuana," said Pennington. "We have to let people know that drugs will not be tolerated in Wayne County."

Drugs that were purchased by undercover officers included heroin, cocaine, OxyContin and other narcotics.

"We are now able to gauge the drug activity in Fort Gay," Pennington said. "We need to also take a look at how these people are getting their hands on these drugs, by looking into the doctors that are prescribing these drugs and hopefully getting them to curb this epidemic."

The sheriff's department has released a partial list of those arrested last Friday; the names of the other suspects will be released later.

Those arrested and charged with delivery of a controlled substance were;

Gloria Bowen of Kermit, W.Va.

Jerry Marcum of Kermit.

Monroe Jackson, of Crum, W.Va.

Michael Hudnall of Louisa.

William Ossie Lucas of Kermit.

Landon Hatfield of Fort Gay.

Kenneth Patton of Fort Gay.

Paul R. Boyes of Fort Gay.

Michael Anthony Mills of Fort Gay.

Billy Eugene Bowen of Crum.

Shannon Hatfield of Fort Gay.

Wayne Fowler of Fort Gay.

Robbie Evans of Fort Gay.

Johnny Thompson of Fort Gay.

Byrd Hodge of Crum.

Pennington said anyone with information about drug activity in the Wayne County area should call the Wayne County Sheriff's Department, West Virginia State Police, FBI Task Force or the local police department. The sheriff's office can be reached at 304-272-6378.

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