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2003-06-18 opinion
Open mouth, insert foot, Mr. Chandler?
Scott Perry
Attorney General Ben Chandler, who also happens to be the Democrat nominee for governor, was quoted Monday as saying his office's investigation into Paul Patton's 1995 gubernatorial campaign "has brought no pleasure to anyone..."

Those comments came in response to a decision this week by the U.S. Supreme Court not to hear an appeal sought by two Patton aides who have been indicted on charges relating to campaign spending limits that were in effect during that election.

Chandler said the case is basically "about whether Gov. Patton won the race honestly and openly in 1995," but it was another comment by the AG that grabbed our attention.

In reference to his office's lead in pursuing the investigation of the 1995 race, the AG said, "...I have steadfastly performed the duties assigned to the attorney general. Those duties include making sure every election is fair and honorable."

Uh, okay, but that duty thing about "every election" causes just a little bit of curiosity, Mr. C.

If the AG's office is the watchdog you say it is for "fair and honorable" elections, why are the feds doing all the work in Eastern Kentucky?

Could be that we're mistaken on this, but what election besides the 1995 gubernatorial race...eight years ago... has the AG's office investigated and who has been charged with being less than "fair and honorable" besides these Patton aides?

We don't doubt that Ben Chandler is a nice guy with honorable intentions, but his office hasn't done much of anything over the past eight years to clean up Kentucky's sorry political system.

While Chandler was campaigning for governor, some of his supporters were being indicted by the feds.

Yes, those people are innocent until proven guilty, and Chandler did do the "honorable" thing by sending some campaign contributions back to the givers but, as AG, Chandler has made no difference, let alone made "sure" that Kentucky elections are conducted any differently than they've always been.

In fact, before the feds showed up on the scene a few months ago, nobody seemed to be paying any attention to anything relating to our electoral process.

Including the voters.

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