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Wednesday, March 8, 2017 issue
Suits Filed


Alta Thomas vs. Mineral Labs, Inc.; alleged negligence.

Jamie Ralana Coye Conley vs. Derick Conley; petition for dissolution of marriage.

Branch Banking and Trust Company vs. Kenley Sturgill; alleged debt of $12,126.47.

Betty S. Goble vs. Brian C. Mullins and Rodney W. Nelson; automobile accident.

Darlene Goble vs. Sharon K. Lawson; automobile accident.

Community Trust Bank vs. Dewey and Melissa Ousley; alleged debt of $13,127.64.

Mine Service Company, Inc. vs. Big I Mining, Inc and Virgil Isaac; alleged debt of $4,036.70.

James Gregory Allen vs. Beverly A. Osborne Allen; petition for dissolution of marriage.

Sherry Denise Waddles Conn vs. Dallas Conn; petition for dissolution of marriage.

Scott Orthopedic Center, Inc. vs. Brandon Newsome; alleged debt of $8,422.00.

Linda Mullins vs. Louise Collins; automobile accident.

Kambra Morgan (Maynard) Russell vs. Eric Auls Russell; petition for dissolution of marriage.

Helenna Robinson vs. Allstate Insurance, Company and Albert Adkins; automobile accident.

Greg Boyd vs. Kathryn Williams; alleged breach of visitation contract.



Sears, Roebuck and Co. vs. Patrisha Lyon; alleged debt of $5,380.14.

Discover Bank vs. Jerry Morman; alleged debt of $4.431.65.

John Homer Thompson vs. Gail Robin Thompson; petition for dissolution of marriage.

PRA III, LLC, vs. Donna S. Perkins and Robert D. Perkins; alleged debt of $4,649.53.

Kelly Dawn Lipes vs. William Allen Lipes; petition for dissolution of marriage.

Wilma Moore Mullins vs. Herbert S. Mullins; petition for dissolution of marriage.

Danny H. Preece vs. Kimberly D. Preece; petition for dissolution of marriage.



Greenpoint Credit, LLC, vs. Allen and Michael McCarty; alleged debt of $29,811.00.

Mineral Labs, Inc., vs. Kentucky. Unemployment Insurance Commission and Ronnie L. Carroll; complaint for judicial review of awarded unemployment benefits.

Blanche Montgomery vs. Pauline McCarty; automobile accident.

James Roger Puckett Jr. vs. Cynthia Porter; petition for dissolution of marriage.

Conseco Finance Servicing Corp. vs. Earl Koontz; alleged debt of $40,350.06.



U.S. Bancorp Consumer Finance vs. Robert Hill et al; alleged debt of $1,612.58.

Anesthesia Associates of Louisa vs. Brandy Wellman; alleged debt of $1,150.00.

Branch Bank and Trust Co. vs. Homer Maynard; alleged debt of $3,349.67.

Inez Deposit Bank vs. Jason Deskins; alleged debt of $6,040.00.

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