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2003-06-18 for the record
Property Transfers

To Debra Risner from Harold and Pamela Ratliff.

To Noralene Hamilton and Deborah Johnson from Noralene Hamilton.

To Mitchell D. Kinner and Robert J. Patton from D.B. and Alicia Kazee and John T. and Wendy Chafin.

To Donald W. Barnett from Janavee and Mander Prater.

To Kevin and Katrina Holliman from Gregory and Jody Shepherd.

To David and Jennifer Bates from Glendon A. and Tevis A. Cowan.

To Ronald and Renee Hall from Larry D. Ousley.

To Casey and Mabel Samons from Opal Samons.

To Jeffery Hall from Ned and Sheree Hall.

To CLM Discount Tobacco, Inc. from 4J Development, Inc.

To Consolidated Health Systems, Inc. from Cindy and Brian Hager.

To Cindy Hager from John Michael Hunt.

To Harold and Peggy Yates from Lonnie Coots.

To Valerie Hall from Ralph W. Dingus.

To William and Angie Hart from Ben E. Fraley.

To Jim and Tammy Mullins from Jerry A. Mullins.

To Tina Jo Crum from Jerry D. and Deborah F. Price.



To John D. Miller from Dr. Olen O. Amerson.

To Edwinna Ruth Baldwin from Robert Michael Baldwin.

To Mark A. Reed from Billy and Marsha Cantrell.

To Paul Fannin from Dave's Concrete Products and Fannin's Plumbing, Inc.

To Paul Fannin from Golf Course Properties.

To David Peters from David L. and Sharon J. Meade.

To Stevie Joe Grass from Sharon Grass O'Hare.

To Glen Hopson from Marvin and Debbie Ousley.

To James Price from Eadie Price.

To James Price from Timmy Price.

To McKinley Ray Roberts from Margaret J. Wells.



To Claude and Jennifer Jude from Harold and Carroll Sexton.

To Timothy A. and Sabrina Young from Lloyd and Carol Williams.

To Paul and Emma Jean Maynard from Nora Vee Honts, Lequita Adkins and Kathleen Thacker Kimbrell.

To George Duty from Cappy Kimbler Nolen.

To Derry and Ruby Savage from Troy and Lisa Spradlin.

To Daniel Judson and Sherry Bien from Ronnie and Kimberly Griffith.

To Laveta Garver from Patricia and Jeffrey Scott.

To Carl Scott Boggs from Darrell and Loretta Boggs.

To Phyllis West from Drema and Joseph Phelps.

To Willard Carter from John and Dixie Pelphrey.



To Warfield Realty from Shirley Smith.

To Carl D. Daniel, Toni Daniel and Carl D. Daniel Jr. from Christopher C. Williamson; Nada Mae Williamson; Edgar Williamson and Flora Williamson.

To Daniel R. Preece and Laura L. Preece from Harold Perkins and Brenda K. Perkins.

To Daniel R. Preece and Laura L. Preece from Daniel R. Preece and Laura L. Preece.

To Samuel L. Endicott and Brenda E. Patrick from Nancy L. Endicott.

To Kentucky Transportation Cabinet from Inez K. Stepp.

To Troy Gussler and Susanna Gussler from Gary Endicott.

To Kentucky Transportation Cabinet from Asher Maynard.

To Violet Simmons from Martin County Fiscal Court.

To Faye Chamberlin from Violette Simmons by and through her attorney in fact, Rose James, by virtue of general power of attorney dated Oct. 29, 1999.

To Faye Chamberlin from Martin County Fiscal Court.

To Martin County Fiscal Court from Larry F. Fannin; Lessie C. Fannin; Angela C. Fannin and Larry M. Fannin; William R. Fannie; Lori A. Fannin; Lesley M. Fannin; Brigette Fannin; and Melissa Fannin.

To Robert Scott and Carol Scott from Charles Allen Brown and Kathy A. Brown.

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