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Johnson County 911s

Monday, June 9

8:39 a.m.: Out at Rt. 321, reference to complaint received through S.O., report taken.

12:08 p.m.: En route to Fairchild’s Wrecker Service, reference to complaint received through Sheriff’s Office, High Point 9mm semi-automatic, weapon located in glove box of black Ford Contour.

12:56: Caller requested officer to Wal-Mart parking lot at car wash, reference to hit and run, Mayo Plaza.

1:48: Extra patrol, Baker Branch.

3:50: Caller advised someone stretched wire across the road and hit her son while he was riding a four-wheeler.

6:20: Caller advised a male subject in an older red four-door car was assaulting his child in the vehicle.

6:48: Unit advised there are no signs advising of road work, spoke to foreman advising they needed to get some signs put up, Teays Branch.

8:21: Reference to possibly intoxicated female in store, Tobacco Max.

9:15: Caller advised of vehicle fire, Ramey Branch.

10:09: Caller advised flagman is hard to see, afraid he may be hit, Rt. 40.

10:12: Advised female came into E.R. advising she was assaulted at Van Lear.

10:30: Reference to vehicle fire, tag not on file, check to see if stolen.

10:46: Caller advised of three suspicious males walking around neighborhood, Hitchcock Loop.

Tuesday, June 10

12:37 a.m.: Caller advised of prowler around the residence, also requested extra patrol, right fork, Webb Hollow.

2:12: Reference to someone outside the residence shining a flashlight in the windows, Horseshoe Street.

10:11: Caller advised dispatch of a coal truck running 85 mph, pushing her down the road, all over highway, aqua green, has Joe Hundley on side of truck, Rt. 23.

10:34: Adult female shoplifter, Wal-Mart.

10:37: En route to Holbrook Branch with DSS.

10:45: Juvenile caller advised her uncle has beaten on her, juvenile placed with neighbor, Airport Road.

2:00 p.m.: Caller advised of having problem with landlord, Mill Branch Road.

5:10: Caller advised a subject had jumped in car and assaulted him, Baker Branch.

5:53: Caller requested a unit regarding her cousin threatening her, Ramey Branch Trailer Court.

5:54: Caller requested a unit contact her regarding having some problems out of her father-in-law, Big Lick Branch.

6:05: Suspicious male sitting in parking lot, Baker Branch.

6:17: Caller requested a unit contact her regarding an adult male harassing her juvenile daughter.

6:47: Caller requested a unit contact her regarding someone assaulted her son with brass knuckles, South Mayo Trail.

7:18: Extra patrol requested at Narrows Fork regarding heavy traffic.

7:21: Prestonsburg advised reckless driver, US 23 North, blue Dodge pickup driving fast.

7:27: Caller advised of possible domestic between his niece and mother, Maple Street.

7:57: Caller advised female at mouth of Holbrook Branch causing problems, advised she filed charges against female, wanted it noted.

8:05: Caller advised a subject had threatened to shoot him.

8:05: Male subject advised another male subject had assaulted him and another male subject had assaulted his daughter, advised unit of traffic.

8:21: Male subject advised possibly intoxicated driver in a two-tone blue van, South Turner Branch.

8:48: Caller requested an officer contact her regarding a stolen four-wheeler, Rothwell Branch.

9:50: Reference to personal belongings, retrieved purse with meds, Sterling Castle Road.

10:41: Reference to hit and run on Rt. 40.

11:12: Reference to red, full-size Chevy pickup with four-wheeler in back, running people off road, Millers Creek.

11:22: Extra patrol request at Johnny Lemaster Sporting Goods, reference to male subject hanging around the store.

11:33: Yellow three-wheeler going up and down road with no lights, in front of Butcher Boys Garage.

Wednesday, June 11

1:09 a.m.: Caller advised her apartment had been broken into, some things had been taken, Perry Vanhoose Apts.

9:47: Caller requested officer in reference to male subject in violation of EPO, is standing on her back porch cussing her and won’t leave, Wittensville.

10:00: Out at Burton Lane, reference to above traffic, subject also threatened to burn above subject’s house down and threatened her also.

10:11: En route to detention center with subject from above traffic, reference to violation of EPO.

1:19 p.m.: Four-wheeler complaint, Rt. 581.

2:20: Caller advised flooding occurring, about to wash vehicle in creek, also about to wash doublewide off foundation, Patterson Creek.

3:45: Report of small four-door white car driving on rims in the area of Hurricane Branch, vehicle was sliding all over the road.

4:09: Ecology complaint.

6:10: Male subject, intoxicated, trying to stop cars, Rt. 302/1107.

6:28: Unit advised debris in roadway, one lane blocked.

6:34: Caller advised of vehicle accident on second hill going out of Salyersville.

9:37: Silver two-door car leaving King Drive towards Little Mud Lick, possibly intoxicated driver.

10:05: Suspicious vehicle sitting behind Pizza Hut.

11:26: Caller advised of vehicle fire, Pickle Fork.

Thursday, June 12

2:24 a.m.: Advised two male subjects came to her residence and advised they were at a party and someone had stabbed one of the subjects. Advised subject was stabbed in the neck and stomach, Airport Road.

4:15: Single vehicle accident into cliff, male subject in vehicle, unable to advise of entrapment, US 460.

5:18: Caller advised someone throwing eggs at vehicle around the red light, Depot Road.

5:28: Female subject requesting an officer to contact her in reference to her ex-boyfriend. She advised subject had been in the store several times, BP, Rt. 321.

7:08: Gray passenger car, possibly Chevy, going North in Southbound lane, Rt. 23.

11:22: Theft complaint, Washington Avenue.

7:12 p.m.: Caller advised that she had a package stolen from her home, Flat Gap.

7:53: Advised subjects in E.R. involved in vehicle accident, hit and run on Rt. 40, advised coal truck took off mirror.

8:00: Breaking and entering on building, Rt. 1092.

8:23: Suspicious male standing on corner, possibly has shot gun, Main/Church.

10:04: Report of a deer in the middle of the road blocking traffic, Rt. 23/825.

10:58: Caller advised that her husband struck her on her face, requested an officer, Rt. 1092.

11:19: Extra patrol request, BP, Rt. 321.

11:38: To assist in search for missing 12-year-old, Flat Gap area.

Friday, June 13

12:38 a.m.: All units attempt to locate a green Mazda 626, older body style, occupied by blonde female possibly trying to kill herself, city.

12:28 p.m.: Observe for gray S-10 with tool box, driver unlicensed, Rt. 201.

12:41: Caller advised her ex-boyfriend is trying to take her dog, Buffalo Creek. Second call at 12:44 advised subject left in a silver and burgundy 1991 Chevy truck.

2:06: Four-wheeler complaint, Rt. 581.

3:36: Caller advised an older white pickup driving reckless.

3:40: Caller advised the family of the subject who assaulted one of the subjects who work there is there harassing them and they requested a unit contact them, Produce Stand next to Advance where you start up Sixth Street.

6:59: Caller advised there are several different four-wheelers in the area on the main road, Rt. 581.

8:00: Caller advised she heard gunshots in the area, Hurricane Branch.

8:57: Caller from Shoney’s advised there is a pickup parked in the middle of the road and has been there for about an hour.

9:56: Fire Dept. unit advised a red sports car passed him at possibly 100+ mph, North on U.S. 23.

10:30: Unit advised red Isuzu, no tags, several kids, no seat belts, Rt. 40.

Saturday, June 14

12:07 a.m.: Reference to domestic involving mother and father of small child. Caller advised mother pulling and tugging on child. Female in two-tone pickup, Mayo Plaza.

12:10: Nine-year-old female shoplifter, Citgo, U.S. 23.

2:47: Single vehicle in culvert.

3:37: Caller advised of three males fighting, Woodland Court.

12:30 p.m.: Caller advised a female subject at Van Lear is growing pot in her back yard.

12:47: Check on reckless driver, 1986 black Chevy S-10 headed toward Rt. 23 from Baker Branch.

1:08: Traffic stop on above vehicle.

1:57: Caller advised of subject in drive-through, not responsive, Mayo Plaza.

2:22: Caller advised vehicle drove into ditch, advised subject got truck out of ditch, going toward West Van Lear on Rt. 302.

2:28: Subject requested extra patrol at Narrows Fork, reference to a lot of traffic on dead end road, Riceville.

2:47: Caller advised dispatch of blue Chevy truck, white top, male and female occupants possibly intoxicated heading toward Van Lear area from Richmond Hill.

4:15: Caller advised there is a tree blocking the road, Rt. 469.

4:50: Caller advised a male subject in an older blue Colt passenger car with one of the windows broken out is driving with no insurance.

6:59: Caller advised a subject in a black Chevy pickup is possibly dealing drugs, King Addition.

7:08: Paul B. Hall Hospital advised they have a subject who shot himself in the foot, request unit contact them.

7:19: Caller advised a male subject in a white Buick is intoxicated and being disorderly, screaming at people, Speedway, Rt. 40.

7:52: DSS observed a juvenile alone on Rt. 40 on a bicycle who also crashed in the middle of the curve.

8:10: Green Mustang racing up and down the road, Vern Horne Apartments.

8:35: Verbal altercation between two females, Woodland Court.

9:06: Caller requested a unit contact him regarding a stolen bicycle.

10:00: Maroon Taurus with Ohio tags driving reckless and causing problems, U.S. 23 South.

10:36: Complaints of a party and people, Preston Street.

10:41: Caller advised residents are away from their home, and a male subject is hanging around the residence, Rt. 581.

10:42: Caller requested a unit contact her regarding a subject that has been making threats, Rt. 201.

10:55: Unit advised they found the front door open and a door to the outbuilding pried open.

11:01: Four-wheeler complaint.

11:13: Unit at Happy Mart in reference to black Grand Prix.

11:24: Attempt to locate above vehicle.

Sunday, June 15

1:13 a.m.: Caller advised of fight in progress, several subjects, Debord Hollow.

1:37: Caller advised male subject up on hill with gun threatening to shoot her, Sixth Street.

2:27: Caller advised possible breaking and entering in progress, Staffordsville.

9:05: Caller advised dispatch of verbal argument at apartments across from public library, also stated that she heard shot fired but didn’t know who was arguing or where shot came from. Female that called this in gave false name, also called in false report in reference to above with shot fired, putting both officers lives in danger.

10:47: Reference to stolen property from Citgo, Rt. 40, trash cans, window cleaners and paper towels.

2:20 p.m.: Fight, Burkes Grocery, three males, one female involved.

3:23: People soliciting money, Rt. 40.

5:45: Caller advised a male subject assaulted a female subject then left intoxicated in an older black S-10. Female subject advised she had been assaulted but didn’t need an ambulance and also advised she was in fear for her life, Hammond Road.

7:15: Caller requested officer because of a man that was intoxicated and wouldn’t leave her apartment, Rt. 1559.

7:38: Subject from above was in altercation with the officers, Rt. 1559.

7:42: One male to Big Sandy Regional Detention Center, during the altercation an officer advised he was scratched and had a welt on his arm and two blood spots brought by the subject.

7:49: En route to possibly stolen vehicle, Burchett Flats.

9:18: Unit advised a subject advised him of a possibly stolen red S-10, Patty Flats.

9:34: Family smells smoke in their house but can’t find it, Bobs Branch.

10:11: Suspicious vehicle, Chevy pickup, Southside.

10:43: Report of suspicious vehicle at Paintsville Utilities.

11:53: Caller advised her son was walking up the road and was beaten up, Van Lear.

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