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LCHS art show winners announced

The Lawrence County High School Art Show for the 2002-2003 year was held in the LCHS cafeteria on Thursday, May 22. The winners of each category in the competition are as follows:

Color Chart: 1st, Michon Martin; 2nd, Joseph Coldiron; 3rd, Kelley Baldridge; 4th, J. P. Allen.

Pencil Still life: 1st, Johnny Cook; 2nd, Bessie Horn and Josh Keeton; 3rd, Jeremy Strickland and Nathan Perry; 4th, James Storts and Keisha Bowen.

Abstract: 1st, Keisha Bowen and Miranda McClanahan; 2nd, Caleb Short and Beth Debord; 3rd, Jared Hostetter; 4th, Justin Salyer and Josh Boyd.

Charcoal Drawings: 1st, Johnny Cook; 2nd Jeri Gehering and Nathan Perry; 3rd, Justin Menshouse; 4th, Josh Pfost and Clifford Caskey.

Quotes: 1st, Jared Riffe; 2nd, Joseph Coldiron and Michon Martin; 3rd, Kelley Baldridge; 4th, Jay Perkins.

Pastel: 1st, Johnny Cook and Johnny Cook; 2nd, Chris Hogston and Tonya Johnson; 3rd, and Jenny Humphrey.

Watercolor: 1st, Jessica Taylor and Erica Riley; 2nd, Jeremy Menshouse and Erica Riley; 3rd, Erica Riley and Jessica Gibson; 4th, Kelley Baldridge, Ladonya Moore, and Michon Martin.

Pen and Ink (crosshatching): 1st, Michon Martin; 2nd, Joseph Coldiron; 3rd, Tyler Kitts; 4th, Kelley Baldridge and Tyler Kitts.

Op Art: 1st, Matt Harper and Megan Meade; 2nd, Heather York and Josh Boyd; 3rd, Bessie Horn and Nathan Perry; 4th, Mark Laney and Tonya Johnson.

Pen and Ink (stippling): 1st, Michon Martin; 2nd, Laura Lemaster and LaDonya Moore; 3rd, Adam Preston.

Porcelain Tile Chess Table and Chairs: 1st, Jessica Carter.

Four Harness loom weaving: 1st, Terry Burchett; 2nd, Heather Morehead; 3rd, Melissa Vance.

Television Tributes (color pencil and Pen and Ink): 1st, Eric Cox and Eric Cox; 2nd, Diane McCoy; 3rd, Eric Cox and Eric Cox.

Advanced Pencil: 1st, Jeremy Menshouse, 2nd, Terry Burchett; 3rd Jeremy Menshouse; 4th, Daniel Combs.

Felt Collage: 1st, Terry Burchett.

Porcelain Tile: 1st, Diane McCoy.

Books: 1st, Eric Cox; 2nd, Diane McCoy.

Acrylic: 1st, Erica Riley; 2nd, Terry Burchett; 3rd, Michon Martin; 4th, Michon Martin.

Mixed Media: 1st, Bessie Horn and Terry Burchett; 2nd, Lashea Preece and Lashea Preece; 3rd, Diane McCoy

Tie-Dye: 1st, J. P. Allen.

Macrame Jewelry: 1st, Heather Morehead; 2nd, Cody Hicks

Two Pt Perspective: 1st, Johnny Cook and Kim Sweeny; 2nd, Josh Keeton; 3rd, Jeremy Strickland; 4th, Josh Pfost.

Colored Pencil: 1st, Erica Riley; 2nd, Michon Martin; 3rd, Joseph Coldiron and Michon Martin; 4th, Beth DeBord.

Woodblock Printmaking: 1st, Cody Hicks; 2nd Kelley Baldridge; 3rd, Michon Martin.

Airbrush: 1st, Brandon Preece.

Oil Pastel: 1st, Johnny Cook; 2nd, Johnny Cook.

Tempera Mosaic: 1st, Keisha Bowen; 2nd, Johnny Cook; 3rd, Jared Hostetter.

Tempera Painting: 1st, Nicole Spillman; 2nd, Keisha Bowen.

Advanced Pencil: 1st, Tyler Kitts; 2nd, Jessica Gibson; 3rd, Jeremy Menshouse, 4th, James Storts, and Cody Hicks.

Mono Print: 1st, Tyler Kitts; 2nd, Michon Martin; 3rd, Jeremy McCoy

Adv. Scratchboard: 1st, Lashea Preece and Terry Burchett and Terry Burchett; 2nd, Lashea Preece; 3rd, Heather Morehead; 4th, Lashea Preece.

Batik: 1st, Sonny Mynhier, Laura Lemaster, and Laura Lemaster; 2nd, Sonny Mynhier; 3rd, LaDonya Moore; 4th, Ryan Swanson.

Linoleum: 1st, Jeremy McCoy; 2nd, Cody Hicks; 3rd, Justin Satterley; 4th, Shade Chaffin.

Advanced Optical: 1st, Andrea Fluty.

Calligraphy: 1st- Joseph Coldiron; 2nd, LaDonya Moore; 3rd, Cody Hicks; 4th, John Hogston and LaDonya Moore.

Photography: 1st, Bessie Horn and Yolanda Knipp; 2nd, Michon Martin and Seth Goble; 3rd, Seth Goble and Adam Preston and Sonny Mynhier; 4th, Jessica Carter.

Scratchboard: 1st. Heather York; 2nd, Tonya Johnson; 3rd, Chris Hogston; 4th, Johnny Cook, Daniel Marcum, and Patrick Price.

Tessellation: 1st, Seth Goble; 2nd, Caleb Short; 3rd, Johnny Cook.

Advanced Pastel: 1st, Terry Burchett and Ashley Helton; 2nd, Brandon Preece; 3rd Lashea Preece; 4th, Ashley Helton and Melissa Vance.

Drape Mode: 1st, Laura Lemaster.

White Clay/Red slip wheel thrown pot: 1st Andrea Fluty.

Wheel Thrown Pitcher: 1st, Jessica Carter; 2nd Jessica Carter.

Enameling: 1st, Ben Ballard and Ben Ballard; 2nd, Josh Hackney and Michon Martin.

Lamp: 1st, Terry Burchett

Wheel Thrown Pottery: 1st, Andrea Fluty, Andrea Fluty, Jessica Carter, Jessica Carter, Brandon Preece, and Brandon Preece; 2nd, Andrea Fluty, Andrea Fluty, and Andrea Fluty; 3rd, Brandon Preece, Adam Preston, and Jeremy Menshouse.

Mixed Media Sculpture: 1st, LaDonya Moore; 2nd, Michon Martin, 3rd, Ben Ballard.

Wooden Projects: 1st, Lashea Preece; 2nd Lashea Preece.

Large Sculpture: 1st, Brandon Preece, James Storts, Jessica Carter, and Kelley Baldridge and Tyler Kitts; 2nd, Josh Hackney; 3rd, Ben Ballard

Sculpture: 1st, Melissa Vance, Kelley Baldridge, and Jennifer Whitt; 2nd, Brandon Preece; 3rd, Michon Martin; 4th, Michon Martin.

Coil Pot: 1st, Cody Hicks; 2nd, Justin Satterley and Tyler Kitts; 3rd, Justin Satterley.

Plexi-glass Sculpture: 1st, Brandon Preece.

The Visual Art I Award winners were Johnny Cook and Miranda McClanahan. The Visual Art II winners were Kelley Baldridge and Tyler Kitts. The Specialized Art I winners were Jessica Carter and Daniel Combs. Each of these students received a marble plaque with an art palette design. The Senior Art Award winners having completed 4 years in the art program were Eric Cox, Diane McCoy, and Terry Burchett. Each of these students received a wooden based trophy, which holds a medallion of an art palette.

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