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Inez budget is a change from ‘inflated’ past
by Lilly Adkins

INEZ — The Inez City Commission had the first reading Thursday afternoon of the city’s 2003-2004 budget.

Based on figures from last year, the commission said city-generated revenues that had been inflated and expenditures far exceeded what had been budgeted in some areas.

The 2003-2004 proposed fiscal year budget shows $26,080 in the city-generated portion of the budget, which must be used to pay the salaries for the mayor and commissioners, clerk, rent, telephone, utilities, travel, office supplies, social security, medicare, publications, audits and attorney fees.

For fiscal year 2002-2003, $33,574 was budgeted in the city-generated fund, but seven months into the budget, from July 1, 2002, until February 1, 2003, a total of $29,904.45 was spent on salaries alone, with only $3,638.19 to pay salaries, rent, utilities, phone, travel, office supplies, Social Security, Medicare, publications, audits and attorney fees through July of this year. With an undetermined amount already gone for routine bills, the city ran out of city-generated funds.

The mayor and commissioners have not been paid since February and had to take out an $11,000 CD to pay delinquent taxes.

The LGEA fund for 2003-2004 is expected to have an estimated $89,900, $14,000 of which is carried over. LGEA monies will be used for the police chief’s salary, incentive pay, police training, office supplies, rent, telephone, vehicle and equipment, gasoline, police uniforms, Social Security, Medicare, workman’s compensation, liability insurance, unemployment insurance, health insurance and $8,500 transferred to the road department. That leaves $19,852 in the fund.

Non-road street expenses are projected to be an expense of $25,000, which includes cost for creek bank beautification, street lights, Christmas decorations, flowers, parks and recreation, vehicle maintenance, contract labor, walking trail maintenance, equipment maintenance, fire department contract and $13,450 transferred to the road department.

The COPS grant money is expected to be $33,415 which is used to pay the salary for full-time officer Dwayne Crum and part-time officer Clarence Raines as well as Social Security, Medicare and insurance.

A total of $23,350 is anticipated in the road fund, including a $1,400 carryover. Money in the road fund is used for street department salaries, Social Security, Medicare, gasoline and equipment.

A total of $15,400 is expected in carryover funds.

Intergovernmental funds, which include Municipal Road Aid funds and LGEA money, comes to $94,700.

The city-generated fund totals $26,080 and is comprised of money received by the city through business licenses, vendor’s licenses, franchise fees, property tax, public service franchise, wastewater loan payment, delinquent land tax and arrest fees.

Government funds include incentive pay for the police and the federal COPS grant money comes to $39,615.

Total funds anticipated for the 2003-2004 fiscal year are $175,795.

A second reading of the budget was scheduled for Thursday night at 7 p.m.

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