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BSN photo prompts report of rescue
by Lilly Adkins

TOMAHAWK — A photo of a car on it’s top in the creek on the front page of The Big Sandy News prompted a call from Sandy Mills, whose son and nephew were rescued from the vehicle.

Heavy rains caused a lot of slides throughout Eastern Kentucky and a tree fell into the road at Tomahawk, blocking both lanes of traffic on Sunday.

Mills said that her son Clayton Speakman, 17, and nephew Michael Mollett, 22, were rescued from the vehicle by Martin County sheriff’s deputy Dwayne Bowen and Chris Blackburn.

“There was a huge tree in the road by Chris Blackburn’s trailer and it had both lanes blocked. Someone called the sheriff’s office and Dwayne Bowen went up there to direct traffic,” Mills said. “Some man drove up in a truck and parked behind Dwayne. I guess he was going to try and help him move the tree...about that time, my nephew who was driving, and my son came around the curve. They hit their brakes and they locked up and flipped two or three times then landed in the creek on their top, and they were wearing their seatbelts.”

Mills said Bowen told her that he had seen the entire accident and that her nephew had not been speeding.

“The boys were trapped in the car for two or three minutes,” Mills said. “Dwayne can’t swim and he didn’t know how deep that water was, but he went right in there to get them out. Dwayne and Chris are the ones who got them out of the vehicle.”

Mills said that NetCare Ambulance Service transported Speakman and Mollett to Paul B. Hall for treatment, and both were released later the same day.

“My son has a broken collar bone and the doctor said he would probably have back spasms for some time. He also got bruised kidneys and bruised ribs,” Mills said. “My nephew had a cut on his elbow but that’s about it. They are both very lucky. My son and my nephew plan to nominate Dwayne (Bowen) for Hometown Hero on WSAZ. My son told me that he had always liked Dwayne and now, he’s his hero.”

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