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Event is scheduled for 'Women in the Outdoors'
ASHLAND — The Northeast Kentucky and Lawrence County Chapter of the National Wild Turkey Federation will be hosting a Women in the Outdoors event Saturday, June 28, at 8:30 a.m. at Big Woods Hunt Club in Ashland.

Through this event, women from all walks of life will be given the chance to experience the thrill of outdoor activities such as camping, recreational shooting and horseback riding. It will also allow women to develop a greater understanding of wildlife conservation and meet others who share their enthusiasm.

The Women in the Outdoors program's mission is to provide hands-on, educational outdoor opportunities for women. The program is now in its fourth year and there are nearly 35,000 members. "The Women in the Outdoors program allows the NWTF to reach an entirely new audience, one that has been overlooked in the past for outdoor sports and conservation," said Rob Keck, NWTF CEO.

The events are held across the country with experts on hand to teach in a noncompetitive manner. The combination of sponsorship and local chapter support allows the NWTF to offer these programs at a low cost to participants. The cost of attending each event includes a membership in Women in the Outdoors program and a subscription to Women in the Outdoors magazine, the Federation's full-color, quarterly publication with articles and information on a variety of outdoor adventures and activities.

For more information, contact Kathie Perkins at (606) 920-9444; Diane Broughton at (606) 324-7138; Annie Adkins at (606) 638-0832; call 1-800-THE NWTF or visit the NWTF web site at

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