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Go ye to all nations

Ten members of the Latin American Missions team represented the local Paintsville Church of Christ and four others from the Main Street Church of Christ in Pikeville. (click for larger version)
by Andrew Trimble | On June 6, a Delta flight left Atlanta for a seven-hour voyage to Lima, Peru.

On this plane was a Latin American Missions (LAM) team of around 30 members. This LAM mission is a medical mission campaign, which was focused on tending to the physically ill, and at the same time spreading the gospel to all who have not heard it before. Some team members came from Jacksonville, Fla. Valdosta, Ga. and various other states such as Arizona, Arkansas, Alabama, and Oklahoma. Ten members of the team represented the local Paintsville Church of Christ and four others from the Main Street Church of Christ in Pikeville.

Craig Ratliff, Joe Collins, Johnnie LeMaster, Steve Trimble, Anita Sturgill and Diana Burchell attended the mission for the second year in a row, along with rookies Ben Wright, Drew Trimble, Howard Sparks, Nina Hall, Chrissy and Christin Lavender, Emily Justus, and Linda Hall.

The plane landed in Lima and buses drove the teams far from the commercialism of the city into the slums, where poverty reigned alongside sickness and grief. The members joined forces with their Iglesia de Cristo (Church of Christ) brethren who worshipped in a small building in Zancudo Alto.

The team left a colossal impact on Peru both physically and spiritually. The medical portion of the mission boasts tremendous results. In just five days the physician saw 1,656 patients; the pharmacy saw 1,460 patients, prescribing 9,864 prescriptions; the dentist saw 155 patients and extracted about 172 teeth. In the evangelism part of the campaign, the number was even more impressive. The children’s Bible class averaged 368 children every day, the teen class averaged 98 teens per night, and the adult class averaged 368 per night. Also, the campaign saw four restorations and 40 baptisms. This campaign was successful and beneficial for those in Lima.

The team returned on Saturday, June 14 and another team began a campaign in Inca, Peru.

LAM is a Church of Christ mission program that sends mission teams to Costa Rica, Honduras, Nicaragua, Guatemala, El Salvador, Columbia, Peru, and Panama. To learn more about Latin American Missions, the missions program at the Paintsville Church of Christ, or more about the church in general call 789-6219.

The progress of these missions can be followed at .

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