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2003-06-25 tracking births section

May 31: a daughter, Katelynn Michelle, to Kelly Nicole and Michael Brandon Whitaker.

June 1: a son, Amos Kelly, to Melissa Ann and Charles Edward Collins.

June 2: a daughter, Kelsea Danielle, to Jennifer Lynn and Jeremy Lee Hale; a son, Brendan Wayne, to Rebecca and Jeremy Middleton.

June 4: a son, Caleb David, to Jorge and Courtney Ayala; a daughter, Nailey Nichole, to Danny and Dawnetta McKenzie; a daughter, Olivia Hope, to Kimberly and Larry Newsome.

June 5: a daughter, Kasey Leiana, to Tammy Ann Howard.

June 6: a son, Zackery Ryan Paul Puckett, to Jennifer Lee Greathouse; a daughter, Sadie Brooke, to Amanda and Roger Harrington; a son, Nathaniel Bryce Bailey, to Jessica Darlene Spears.

June 7: a son, Dalton Shane Caudill, to Kiristy Jeanille Wright.

June 8: a daughter, Jada Madison Brooke, to Chasity Lynn Boyette.

June 9: a son, Gavin Franklin, to Cory and Juwanna Maynard; a daughter, Jayla Shadawn, to Shanna Marie and Jason Carl Fields,

June 10: a son, Jonathan Brady, to Jonathan and Tara Endicott; a daughter, Aaliyah Jade Click, to Joy Preston.

June 11: a son, Sebastian Landon Davis, to James and Trista Davis.

June 12: a daughter, Kati Abigail Gonzales, to Christal Jenkins.

June 13: a daughter, Jaycee Makale, to Jennifer Lovely; a son, Tyler Michael, to Stephanie and Dennis Conley.

June 14: a son, Benjamin Jay, to Johnny and Amy Sue Handshoe.

June 16: a son, Justin Ryan, to Danny and Jennifer Webb; a daughter, Kourtney Rachelle, to Haley and Billy Taylor; a daughter, Shelby Nicole, to Darrell & Milinda LeMaster; a son, Dustin Dwayne, to Micheal and Stacy Hoover; a daughter, Alaina Morgan Poe, to Amanda Kendall.

June 17: a son, Donovan Michael, to September Dawn and Donnie Wayne Stewart; a son, Braden Garland Howard, to Charlton and Stephanie Howard; a daughter, Zoey Grace Meek, to Allison Faye Taylor.

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