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2003-07-02 for the record
Property transfers
Floyd County

To Eugenia D. Hall from Ernest E. Decoursey.

To the Commonwealth of Kentucky from Wesley and Beulah Boyd.

To Clarence F. Martin, Sr. and Emma Lou Martin from Clarence F. Martin, Sr. and Emma Lou Martin.

To Oney Isaacs from Becky M. Hamilton.

To Jennifer Daniels Collins and Wendell Collins from Kenneth and Wilma Jean Daniels.

To Naomi and Green Samons from Lilly Mullins.

To Stanley D. and Rita Allen from Ronald A. Turner.


Johnson County

To Deborah A. Dale from Kimberly Combs.

To Edward D. Williams from James T. and Lou Ann Curtis.

To Frank Mills from Dave's Concrete Products, Inc., Fannin's Plumbing, Inc. and Golf Course Properties, LLC.

To Alan Shawn Endicott from Michael S. and Emily Endicott.

To Billy Breeding from Paul Fannin and Cheryl Fannin.

To Bill Michael Robinson from Leonard and Frances Fannin.

To Kathy Robinson from Paul Fannin.

To Homer Short from Norma Francis.

To Southie Fannin Jr. from Golf Course Properties, LLC.

To Deborah Halcomb from Dwight Halcomb.

To Phillip R. Stoess from Dwayne and Karen R. Lackey.

To Charles Mollette from Roy Thomas and Irene Mollette.

To Paul D. Pelphrey from James and Helen Necamp, and Martha Royalty.

To Homer Short from Jimmy and Patricia Perkins.

To Homer Short from Powell Perkins.

To Homer Short from Mary Poe.

To Homer Short from Arden and Mary Rhoades.

To Kathy Robinson from Lloyd Robinson.

To Lucresia Hall from Alma and Kerra F. Spradlin.

To Homer Short from Norma L. Whitaker.


Martin County

To Lewis L. Maynard and Lynn Maynard and Jerry D. Tramel and Karen Tramel from Elsie Rachel Jarvis and Ernest P. Jarvis.

To John C. Williams and Lutie Williams from Arthur Joiner and Vera R. Joiner.

To Lewis L. Maynard and Lynn G. Maynard from Jerry Tramel and Karen Tramel.

To Triple J. Farms, Inc., from Sherry Mann.

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