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Johnson County 911 log

Monday, June 23

7:18 a.m.: Caller advised subject was calling and harassing her, Rt. 201.

9:45: Caller requested officer in reference to his buildings being broken into, needs police report, Rt. 172.

11:08: Reckless driver, silver Tracker, Rt. 321.

12:16 p.m.: Female subject was en route to PBH Hospital from Litteral Fork with a male subject in reference to a gunshot wound, unknown if it was self-inflicted, officer made contact, was advised that the weapon was at Coon Creek, S.O. en route to PBH.

12:48: Caller advised that a 15-year-old took 1996 T-Bird, unauthorized use, traveling Rt. 321 towards Paintsville from Davis Market.

1:14: En route to Van Lear, reference to above traffic, vehicle in ditch.

1:27: Check on vehicle in ditch at golf course turn-off.

1:33: Caller advised snake in house, Rt. 40 E.

2:13: Stolen license plate report, Cemetery Road.

2:52: Four-wheeler complaint, Thealka Park.

4:22: Reference to stolen cell phone.

4:24: Mtn. Comp advised they need an officer to contact them regarding a client walked out, is mentally unstable.

4:29: Caller advised four-wheelers driving reckless, Rt. 581.

6:56: Caller advised a black passenger car with Ohio tags is traveling at a high rate of speed and driving reckless, near W.R. Castle.

6:57: Caller advised there has been some items stolen from residence.

7:07: Caller requested a unit contact him in reference to his child got attacked by a dog on Rt. 581.

7:40: Attempt to locate subject who left from PBH Hospital, subject is intoxicated.

8:06: Caller advised someone broke into residence and stole some items, Rt. 23.

9:35: Caller requested police for subject making threats with gun, S. Burglar.

10:33: Caller advised male subject is out in front of their residence threatening to assault another male subject, N. Buckingham.

10:36: Caller advised male subject is out in front of the residence with a gun threatening to shoot someone, S. Buckingham.

11:25: Caller advised neighbor using chainsaw and he couldn’t get any sleep, Debord Hollow.

11:37: Caller advised someone was knocking on his doors and windows and got in his car, caller wanted to speak with an officer, Depot Road.

Tuesday, June 24

1:50 a.m.: Caller advised something flew off a coal truck and broke her window and scratched her car, Rt. 3224. Unit advised subject to contact the company. Subject tried to contact company, they hung up on her twice then took the phone off the hook.

8:31: Check on pups in windows, Exotic Pets Plus, no water for last three days or so.

1:48 p.m.: Stolen lawnmower, Hager Hill.

2:20: Caller requested officer regarding hit and run, needs report, Woodland Drive.

4:59: Caller advised possible intoxicated driver in an older maroon and black Chevy pickup with a white tool box in the back, vehicle is all over the roadway.

5:45: Shoplifter in custody, Fashion Bug.

9:11: Caller advised of a reckless driver in a newer tan Chevy pickup extended cab, toward Paintsville from Little Mud Lick.

9:33: Attempt to locate possibly intoxicated driver in a newer tan Chevy extended cab pickup, leaving baseball field next to the pool.

10:29: Caller advised that his friend advised him that his vehicle that was stolen from Ohio is at a residence, vehicle is a brown 4-door Buick.

Wednesday, June 25

12:03 a.m.: Caller advised of fight in progress behind Tobacco Max.

12:10: Caller advised two subjects were cooking meth.

1:17: Caller advised there are 10-15 bales of hay in the Southbound lane, South of Highland School, U.S. 23.

3:26: E.R. advised they were treating a male subject, who advised the E.R. to contact the police because his son was offered some pot at Ramada Inn. He advised that he wanted the subject arrested. Officer talked to the juvenile, who gave two different room numbers, one was unoccupied, officer advised at second room he spoke to a male subject who didn’t know anything about it. Officer questioned juvenile why he waited so late to report it, and the juvenile didn’t have an answer.

8:09: Reference to vehicle break-in at Third Street.

8:44: Caller requested officer in reference to her Jeep has been broken into and stereo stolen, needs report, Wittensville.

10:03: Break-in at building across from Melody Music.

1:39 p.m.: Check on dog at residence, dog hasn’t been fed or given water, Depot Street.

1:58: Caller requested officer to Wal-Mart regarding juvenile shoplifter.

2:08: Unit advised made entry through back door, pushed in window, nobody found, family advised they will wait until later to file a possible missing person report, Rt. 40 West.

4:02: Gas drive-off, Speedway, Rt. 321.

4:41: Active meth lab found in residence, Rt. 2039, request KSP for clean-up.

7:38: KSP requests fans to ventilate residence with meth lab inside.

10:20: Caller advised someone tried to break in on him, Main.

10:55: Possible intoxicated driver, white Geo Metro headed toward Magoffin County, Rt. 460.

Thursday, June 26

1:24 a.m.: Large amount of meth, unknown amount of currency, small amount of marijuana and narcotics, Rockhouse meth lab.

11:16: Juveniles throwing fireworks at cars, Rt. 172/1559.

11:34: Animal complaint, Exotic Pets.

12:56 p.m.: Caller advised dog wasn’t being fed or watered, Depot Street.

2:45: Big Sandy Pharmacy advised male and female gave bad prescription, D.E.A. advised to keep prescription, wanted officer to stand by in case the couple caused problems.

3:38: Caller advised golf cart driving reckless, Richmond Village.

3:52: Tractor-trailer carrying mobile home ran into a ditch, Rt. 40.

4:51: BSRDC advised an inmate came in with marijuana on his person, needs an officer to charge him.

5:12: Caller advised she may have received a counterfeit $100.00 bill, J&R Cisco’s Grocery and Garage.

6:17: Attempt to locate two juveniles.

6:25: Three children, approx. 4-8 years old firing bottle rockets into roadway, Sorghum Hollow.

7:10: Caller advised her son’s four-wheeler was stolen from her garage, Rush Fork.

8:53: One male to Detention Center, also recovered stolen weedeater.

9:00: Reference to above subject, en route to Puncheon in reference to more stolen property.

Friday, June 27

12:02 a.m.: Compound bow returned to S.O. that had been stolen.

2:28: Caller advised male subject supposed to be en route to residence to shoot subject and shoot up area, Jennys Creek.

10:24: Out at Exotic Pets in reference to complaint, also to make contact with owner and make contact with Health Department in reference to complaint.

11:51: Out at Boyd Branch in reference to stolen four-wheeler.

2:45: Caller requested officer to Paintsville Detail in reference to male subject in red Olds Cutlass Supreme harassing him.

3:46 p.m.: Caller requested a unit contact her in reference to subject who was pruning trees hit a vehicle, top of Richmond Hill.

3:59: Caller on cell phone and L.C.S.O. advised possible intoxicated driver in a newer Toyota, dark green or black with gold trim.

4:21: Report of stolen property, Rt. 1559.

6:08: Four-wheeler in roadway being filmed while doing tricks causing traffic problems.

6:12: Caller requested a unit regarding a hit and run on her vehicle, subject who hit her driving older beat-up brown pickup, Classic Bank.

6:25: Pursuit of four-wheeler, Boyd Branch.

7:36: Caller advised neighbor’s dog bit her child, Carnation Road.

9:00: Caller requested a unit in reference to her neighbor making threats to do something to her vehicle, Woodland Court.

11:25: Caller advised male juvenile throwing things at vehicles as you come around curve down Third Street beside City Hall.

Saturday, June 28

12:31 a.m.: Caller advised male subject, possibly intoxicated, struck vehicle then left in black SUV, Sixth Street.

2:10: Caller advised several subjects fighting, throwing furniture, unknown on weapons, Mill Street.

1:39 p.m.: Caller advised of possible meth lab.

2:36: Caller advised of shots fired and chickens shot, kids also around area, Flat Gap.

2:38: Subject at S.O. in reference to subject threatening an 18-year-old, needs to talk with officer.

4:53: Caller advised that she was assaulted by a male subject who left in a red Dodge heading toward Paintsville, Rt. 689.

5:00: Pike County S.O. requested all units attempt to locate a subject who escaped from work release. Subject is a white male, 6’, 150 lbs., black hair, brown eyes, tattoo on left arm, 25 years old.

5:08: Single vehicle accident, Rt. 201.

6:26: Caller advised kittens have fallen into a drain by the water and advised that nobody can reach them, Paintsville Marina.

9:17: Loud party near East Point Church, Rt. 1100.

9:18: Caller advised his 18-year-old son was out of control, wants him removed, Rt. 40 W.

10:32: Received 911 call from residence, could hear female subject ask for help, also heard male subject in background fight for phone, then line was disconnected, Frozen Branch.

Sunday, June 29

12:00 a.m.: Caller advised that someone called her and told her that someone was in her residence and she needed for someone to check on it, she is out of town, Ponderosa Apts.

12:20: Caller advised that her son had a gun and was going to kill his sister. Caller also advised he was intoxicated and he had hit her and was trying to get to his guns and advised her daughter was trying to keep him from getting to his guns, Flatwoods Branch.

1:13: Caller advised that a party at his neighbors house was getting louder, East Point.

2:31: Caller advised somebody is pulling on her back door. She has two grandchildren at home with her, Greentown Lane.

3:56: Attempt to locate stolen vehicle, Oil Springs.

4:06: Caller from McDonald’s advised two subjects passed out in drive through in black Ford Mustang with vehicle still running.

7:10: Caller advised the same subjects are setting up their party equipment again like they had the night before, East Point.

7:46: Large black cat seen at Paintsville Lake spillway.

7:49: Homeowner burning garbage too close to residence, truck standing by to make sure the house doesn’t catch fire, behind Mayo School.

8:25: Four-wheelers on roadway, Thealka.

8:30: Caller requested a unit regarding some subjects putting bricks and wood across the road to block it and won’t move it, top of Richmond Hill.

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