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HOLLYWOOD ... It’s tourist time in Tinseltown, and that of course means hordes of out-of-towners walking Hollywood Boulevard taking in the stars on the Walk of Fame, the hand- and footprints of the famous in the cement of Grauman’s Chinese Theater’s forecourt, and touring the town searching for stars and their abodes. ... It also means the stars have fled looking for peace and quiet at the beach, in the desert or atop a mountain ... Which means there isn’t too much production at this point, and THAT means news is hard to come by.

What we do have is that Leonardo DiCaprio will star as millionaire aviator Howard Hughes in a pic titled “Aviator,” to be directed by Martin Scorsese. In his lifetime, Hughes was known to have yenned for many famous ladies until he finally settled down and married Jean Peters, who was with him till he died. In the film, Cate Blanchett will play Katharine Hepburn, Kate Beckinsale will play Ava Gardner, Gwen Stefani — Jean Harlow, and Kelli Garner — Faith Domergue. I don’t quite see Leo as Hughes, but I’m sure he will pull it off.

Brittany Murphy’s star keeps rising. She’s signed on for two features for Warner’s, and at the moment she’s shooting “Little Black Book.” She will sing in each of the two future films — one being “Major Movie Star” and the other “Happy Feet.” “Major Movie Star” is about a pop singer who wants to star in a feature film set in the military, so she joins the Army; “Happy Feet” is an animated fable about Mumble, a young penguin and his adventures in Antarctica. Brittany voices Gloria, Mumble’s love interest, and she gets to sing a lot.

Michael Caine has a wild romp in “The Actors,” a comedy from Miramax lampooning the pomposity of minor-league actors. Caine gets to ham it up when he plays a scene in drag. Wearing a dress, he is an absolute howl as a pompous old-time stage actor. Forget the “Sir” Michael bit — “this was a lot more fun.”


BITS ‘N’ PIECES: My 2-year-old nephew has discovered Nemo. After seeing the little “critter” on the big screen, he now owns a Nemo read-aloud book, a Nemo coloring book, and every other book about Nemo in the bookstores. Thank you Buena Vista for much fun. ... Aside to Kirk G. of Flatbush, N.Y. Your guess is as good as mine. But I wouldn’t be surprised if Tom and Nicole get back together. ... As for Demi Moore marrying Ashton Kutcher — forget it. She’s having a fling, and that’s fun! And as for J.Lo and Ben Affleck — would you want to be married to J.Lo? ... Barbra Streisand’s ex, Elliott Gould, was out marching bearing a sign very much against the merger of SAG and AFTRA. ... And that lady in brown who took a tumble from a bike in a Beverly Hills Park? Madonna, for sure. ... Congratulations to actor-writer Maurice Hill on his Recording for the Blind Award. Maury has given of his time once a week for 50 years to record books helping blind students through college and on to graduation. ... Dina Merrill starring in “The Exonerated” at the 45 Bleeker St. Theater in the Big Apple. ... Who would ever have thought that Jennifer Aniston would become a bigger star than hubby Brad Pitt? Looks like she’s on her way. ... Russell Crowe a daddy? Rumors round that something’s cookin’ in Mrs. C’s oven, and I don’t mean the one in the kitchen! ... Kirsten Dunst and Jake Gyllenhaal are definitely a duo. At this writing, anyway. ... And Adam Sandler and Jackie Titone will wed soon. ... Didya know Jennifer Aniston used to be fat. She dropped 30 pounds when she became an actress.

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