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Inez Deposit interns kick off summer

Court of Appeals Judge Sara Combs spoke with Inez Deposit Bank interns at Miss Ida’s Tea Room in Inez. (click for larger version)
INEZ — On Thursday, June 12, James C. Codell, the secretary of the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet, visited with the Inez Deposit Banks’ interns.

Gov. Paul Patton appointed Codell secretary of transportation for Kentucky in 1996. He is responsible for all areas of transportation in Kentucky, such as the construction and maintenance of highways and vehicle regulation. The secretary gave a presentation on the operations and functions of the Transportation Cabinet. Rep. Hubert Collins accompanied Codell and discussed local projects, such as the expansion of Rt. 645.

On Tuesday, June 17, Inez Deposit Banks’ Interns visited the Beech Fork Processing training center. Jim Booth, entrepreneur, Paul Horn, mining engineer, and Fred Mills, coal sales, all of Beech Fork Processing, led a discussion on the process, regulations, and safety issues associated with mining coal. Mr. Booth explained the creation and the development of Beech Fork Processing Inc. and Czar Coal Corporation. The companies mine about 8 million tons of coal each year. In addition, Booth explained that even though many people throughout the country do not know the value and the use of coal, it is responsible for 51 percent of the energy produced in the United States today.

During the presentation, Fred Mills showed and explained a video to the interns. The video displayed the different types of mining along with the various types of machinery used to acquire coal. After the video, Mr. Horn discussed some of the engineering aspects of mining with the interns. The mining industry is regulated more than any other industry, Horn explained. Each intern received a cap, decals and pencils during the visit.


On Thursday, June 26, Court of Appeals Judge Sara Combs spoke with Inez Deposit Bank interns at Miss Ida’s Tea Room in Inez.

Every year, Combs takes time out of her schedule to meet with the interns. This year, she encouraged the interns with stories of her personal successes and failures, as well as those of her late husband, former Gov. Bert T. Combs. She said that although Gov. Combs accomplished much, he still left office sorrowful because of what he could not achieve, thereby passing the torch to a younger generation. Judge Combs instilled in the interns that they are members of that generation that can make a change.

After meeting with the interns and learning the diversity of fields in which they endeavor, Judge Combs concluded that, like herself and her late husband, everyone, despite his interests and profession, can make a difference and create a positive impact on his individual community and on Eastern Kentucky as a whole. She encouraged the interns to be brave and blaze their own trails through life and not be afraid to veer from the beaten path. Her message to the interns was: “Success will come regardless, but true happiness occurs when you follow your heart. Don’t be afraid to take risks and do the illogical.”

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