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Property transfers

Johnson County

To Tammy Penix from Paul D. and Tammy Caudill.

To Dianna Tackett from Thelma Meadows Conley estate.

To Carl L. Sergent from Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation.

To Davy Dutton from David E. and Denise Dutton Haley.

To David Meek from Wayne Meade.

To Edgar Pack Jr. from Herbert R. and Wendy S. Music.

To Robert R. Wireman from P.J. Dick Incorporated.

To Pelphrey Investments from Paul D. Pelphrey and Johnda K. Pelphrey.

To Robbie G. Perkins from Rhonda Hall Perkins.

To Gregory Ratliff from Elmo Ratliff.

To Alan Shannon Reed from Darrell and Bonnie Sue Reed.

To Patricia L. Muncy from Alma Spradlin and Kerra F. Spradlin.

To Glenda M. Lowe from Alma Spradlin and Kerra F. Spradlin.

To Pamela Jo Castle from Richard Wells.

To Kenneth P. Wells from Richard Wells.


Lawrence County

To Charlotte Williamson from Clarence Horn.

To Dottie Horn from Clarence Horn.

To Frederick and Mary Louise May from Justine and Thomas Sprenger.

To Wallace Brocky and Deborah Robinson from Jerome and Deena Marcum.

To Jerry and Heather Blair from Wanda Kaye Burke.

To James O. and Carla Marcum from Carla and Jerry Atkins.

To Dean and Mary Bradley from Emogene Ferguson.

To Donald and Sharon Johnson from Billy and Wanda Cassady.

To Troy and Sandra Hynicka from Wallace and Brenda Ewers.

To Fred and Cheryl Kaylor from Glenn Francis.

To Mack and Mary Patrick from Charlie Patrick.

To Bennie Bowen III and Norma Bowen from Rinda Sue and Lloyd Bowen.

To Gregory and Dolly Nix from Jerry and Tammy Debord.

To Steven and Anna Leah Curnutte from Ilene Moore.

To Jason and Amanda Music from Jim and Eula Boyd.

To Joshua and Melanie Howard from Rena Lemaster and Mark Hill.

To Shannon and Melissa Salyer from Kathryn Fraley.

To Edsel Stephens from Larry Ernest and Madonna Bryant.


Martin County

To Anthony Preece from Laude Steele.

To Rusty Stanley from Charles Cox and Gloria Cox.

To Cheryl Nadene Dials from Mitchell Dials.

To Kentucky Power Company from Jimmy Kerr and Kay Kerr.

To Kentucky Power Company from Rhonda Fitch.

To Donna Pinson from Jessie and Yvonne Perry.

To Martin County Fiscal Court from James Edward Kilgore and Bonnie Kilgore.

To Darrell Maynard and Deborah Maynard from Mark R. Bowen and Emily R. Bowen.


Floyd County

To Ollie Lafferty Jr. from Lack Lafferty.

To Rexal Hamilton from Andy Lee Hamilton.

To Ina B. Hamilton from John D. Hamilton.

To Allen Hamilton from Alice V. Hall.

To Shannon Patrick from Mountain Housing Corp.

To Charles R. and Ethel Bradley from Gus M. and Betty Z. Kalos.

To James and Kathy Little from Betty Lou Little and Dora Sue Barnette.

To Wendy R. and Thomas A. Poe from John A. and Diana C. Reed.

To Albert King from Jacqueline King.

To Amanda Campbell from Thomas Ray and Nancy Diane Waddle.

To Julian Frederick Fields from Jesse Edward and Mitzi Williamson.

To Lee M. Lewis from Inez Deposit Bank.

To Marsha Hall Smith from Jimmy Edward and Betty Hall.

To Opal D. Williams from Rusty E. and Billie Sue Duty.

To Earl H. and Vickie L. Lambert from the City of Prestonsburg.

To the Commonwealth of Kentucky from the Pilgrims Home Church.

To Jimmy Patrick from Catina Patrick and Wes Wheeler.

To Michael Wayne Adkins and Misty Michelle Adkins from Michael Adkins.

To McKinley Akers from Wade and Glyndora Akers and Pamela Sue and Jay Akers.

To Cassie and Kistian Hall from Vernis and Marilyn Hall.

To Dempsey and Carla Slone from Mark I. and Robin M. Charles.

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