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Johnson County 911 report

Monday, June 30

11:38 a.m.: Caller requested officer in reference to verbal dispute between several subjects in yard over stolen items, unknown on weapons, Boonscamp.

12:14 p.m.: En route to Detention Center with male subject from above traffic.

3:30: Four-wheeler complaint, Castle Fork.

4:26: Caller requested a unit regarding stolen items, past Morman Church.

4:35: Caller advised S.O. there is a dog tied up and isn’t being fed, Turkey Knob.

5:39: Unit advised they confiscated five marijuana plants about 10-15” tall.

7:00: Caller advised that they were told that three male subjects were at a breaking and entering at their parents residence, caller advised nobody lives there but it belongs to their parents, Riceville.

7:55: Employee from Staffordsville Happy Mart reported a gas drive-off. Caller advised they have an ID, subject advised about five hours ago he would come back and pay for the gas, but has failed to show up.

8:20: Caller advised her son is out of control and fighting with his wife and damaging the residence, Music Hollow.

8:30: Caller advised he is behind a new red Lumina, vehicle is traveling at speeds of 100+ mph, new Rt. 3.

8:31: Caller advised her daughter’s boyfriend left from her residence and damaged some property, unknown direction of travel, 12th Street.

9:20: Caller requested a unit regarding a subject threatening to burn her home and tried to steal her car.

9:44: Caller advised a black Blazer went into a cornfield and tore up the cornfield and left, out of Tick Vanhoose Branch toward Rt. 201.

9:44: Caller requested a unit contact in reference to a hit and run, Pro Shop parking lot.

9:48: Reference to prowlers around residence.

10:30: Caller requested a unit contact her regarding trespassers, they were told not to be there, Flatwoods Branch.

11:44: Caller advised that he had heard and seen someone in his neighbors trailer, Rt. 302.

Tuesday, July 1

12:25 a.m.: Caller advised that he had been in a fight with another subject and stated they had been in a fight with a minor. He also stated that they were in a van and they were coming back up the road and he was going behind the store to hide, also stated that they broke into his trailer, Burke’s Grocery.

1:33: Caller advised that there are some campers at the remote part of the camping grounds being loud and causing problems, need a S.O. unit to patrol the area.

2:22: Caller advised there were 3-4 horses in the road at Prestons Branch, contacted owner and he advised he would put them up.

3:04: Duplex beside Wildcat Tire, owner’s son thinks someone is trying to break in on him, Rt. 321.

9:46: Property dispute, Richmond Village.

11:02: Caller requested officer to residence at Butcher Hollow in reference to being vandalized.

12:36 p.m.: Three-vehicle accident in front of Burger King.

2:40: Subject needing removed from E.R.

2:59: Caller advised a female subject is in an older gray Plymouth van, vehicle has no insurance on it.

3:11: Post 9 advised a male subject is in a red 1996 Geo Metro; Post advised subject is wanted for bail jumping and will be entered into LINK shortly.

3:12: Wal-Mart advised they have a shoplifter in custody.

4:20: Caller advised her grandmother advised her when she called that she was getting raped by a male subject and needed help, Rt. 581 in Lawrence Co.

4:24: Caller from AEP requested a unit regarding he found some type of handgun, Stafford Ave.

4:32: Lawrence Co. S.O. advised that a male subject did rape a female subject. Perp is an elderly male, no shirt, blue jeans and boots. Subject left on foot. Lawrence Co. requests all units attempt to locate.

4:54: Flat Gap F.D. unit advised that he is behind a possibly intoxicated driver in a white Toyota Camry, Rt. 172 turning onto Rt. 689.

5:00: Female subject requested a unit contact her regarding her estranged husband came and took her vehicle and she is stranded with four children.

5:36: Unit contacted and advised that the maroon Mercury that he has entered stolen is supposed to be at the stockyard. Unit advised that the owner of the car called him and advised that someone called her and advised the vehicle was there with the keys in it.

6:02: Caller advised there is a car covered up by the weeds, Banjer Branch.

8:05: Caller advised he heard gunshots come from the area of a residence, Rt. 581.

8:16: Received 911 call, could hear female in the background and someone not to beat on her. Dispatch tried to call back and female acted like dispatch was not on phone, Rt. 40 W.

8:50: Received another 911 hang-up call, could hear a female screaming something. Dispatch tried to call back and the line was out of service, Rt. 40 W.

8:59: Dispatch tried to call the residence from above traffic again, and someone picked up the phone and hung it up, Rt. 40 W.

9:09: Unit advised subjects from above traffic have their phone also connected to the son’s residence, Rt. 40 W.

9:11: Unit advised he saw a female in the residence but she is refusing to let him in. Unit advised he got in the back door and the female ran out the front door, Unit attempting to locate.

9:34: Caller from PBH Hospital advised they have a 16-year-old there who needs to be transferred to another hospital, but his parents are nowhere to be found. They brought the child in to the hospital earlier this day, then went to get their checks cashed and have not been back. PBH request Unit attempt to locate.

9:46: Caller advised fight in progress, minor league fields.

10:08: Caller requested unit contact her regarding domestic in progress, Cantrell Creek.

10:17: Caller requested a unit contact him regarding stolen rings, Rt. 172.

10:18: Caller requested a unit contact regarding a subject that is taking pictures of people and putting them on the computer. Caller advised he also has a camera in the window, Hidden Valley.

10:35: Caller requested a unit contact him regarding his landlord entering his residence while he was away, Third St.

10:42: Caller requested a unit contact her regarding a set of keys she found in front of Paul Pack’s office.

10:42: Caller requested a unit contact her regarding her son receiving death threats over the phone.

11:04: Caller advised that someone was threatening to kill his son, Williams Branch.

Wednesday, July 2

12:24 a.m.: Caller needs her stepson removed from her house, advised he is on pills, causing problems, Rt. 302.

12:33: Shoney’s manager requested officer for four subjects sitting outside on bench. Advised she had to ask subjects to leave store after being closed for 45 minutes.

12:13 p.m.: Dog left in vehicle with windows rolled up, Kmart.

1:55: Adult male shoplifter in custody, Wal-Mart.

3:03: Gas drive-off, Clark’s Gas Station, blue two-toned truck headed southbound on Rt. 321 toward Starfire Hill, $10.00 gas.

3:20: Need dog warden to contact in reference to animal cruelty, Buffalo.

3:43: Red Chevy Lumina with no visible tags, Little Mud Lick.

7:38: Caller advised puppies not being properly fed and watered, Oil Springs.

7:51: Possibly intoxicated driver, fell twice getting in car, Main Street.

8:16: Going to Main Street in reference to car hit by subject in above traffic.

8:44: Red Chevy Lumina, no visible license, driving reckless, Park Drive.

9:00: Caller advised fight in progress, no weapons, Boonscamp.

10:21: Broken window, Detail Shop, Euclid Ave.

10:30: Caller advised that a male subject was committing domestic violence.

11:41: Caller advised that someone stole some letters off of the display sign at The Movies, Mayo Plaza.

Thursday, July 3

2:37 a.m.: Caller advised he spoke to a female, advised she looked like she had been beat up, she had black eyes and had blood on her, Rt. 460 and U.S. 23 underpass.

9:27: Indecent exposure, W. Van Lear.

11:48: Female needing to speak with an officer regarding another female bringing a dog into the laundry, it has fleas and sores on it, Coin Laundry.

1:33 p.m.: Check on two males in white Buick harassing subjects at Community Center, Thelma.

1:37: Reckless driver, non-licensed driver, gray S-10, black tool box, Rt. 201.

2:01: Gray passenger car, possibly intoxicated, female complaining of passenger car trying to rear-end her, Apple Tree Plaza.

4:13: Caller advised dispatch of male subject at The Rocks exposing himself, also tried to grab female, subject hides in weeds near rocks, unit to location.

4:34: Caller advised dispatch of trailer fire at Airport Trailer Park, fire fully involved, everyone out of residence, Hager Hill.

5:20: White Ford van, Ohio tags, possibly intoxicated driver, U.S. 23 South.

5:43: Caller advised that he had just been robbed by a subject behind Classic bank, subject ran towards creek bank on foot, took wallet out of black Buick, had over $300.00 in it, Main Street.

7:50: Juveniles shooting pellet guns at dogs and vehicles, Samuel Drive.

8:06: Caller requested officer to Baker Branch regarding breaking and entering, several items missing, Tutor Key.

8:24: En route to Detention Center with one female from Dr. Kousa’s office.

8:56: Caller requested unit to Music Branch, reference to theft of CD player from vehicle.

8:59: Watchman at Super Wal-Mart site advised two juveniles have been trespassing on property, he asked them to leave. They returned with a gun and have fired the weapon.

9:27: Extra patrol request at Van Lear across from Burke’s Grocery.

10:15: Man jumping out into the roadway flagging down traffic, Rt. 302.

Friday, July 4

2:16 a.m.: Caller advised somebody is stealing flower pots from her porch and a wreath from her door. Advised this has happened before, Euclid Avenue.

3:55: Reference to breaking and entering, subject attempted to get in front door, fled toward Hitchcock Loop.

9:10: Caller needs report on stolen CD player, Johns Creek.

11:38: Resident’s house sitters need someone to come by, had items stolen from porch, Euclid Ave.

2:19: Caller advised of two-vehicle accident.

12:41 p.m.: Missing runaway juvenile, Millers Creek.

1:23: Caller advised someone driving through yard, tearing it up, Sandy Drive.

2:30: Van parked at jumping cliffs at Pickle Fork, unit is going to walk out and see if he can spot the vehicle owner.

3:43: Caller requested a unit contact her regarding residence being broken into, Joes Creek.

5:32: Caller requested a unit in reference to property damage, Boyd Street.

7:01: Caller advised there is a vehicle on fire in front of the restaurant, Margaret Heights.

7:04: Caller advised there is a white Crown Victoria and an older black Camaro driving reckless, Millers Creek.

7:39: PBH Hospital requests a unit in reference to a patient stealing from a nurse.

7:43: Reference to theft.

7:54: Caller advised possibly intoxicated subject on a bicycle throwing fireworks at cars going by.

11:21: Caller advised she thinks there is a prowler around her house, King Addition.

Saturday, July 5

12:11 a.m.: Reference to subjects car being broken into and his wallet stolen, King Addition.

12:51: Male caller advised his ex-girlfriend is beating on door and won’t leave, Budget Inn.

7:23: Caller requested officer to Daisy Street regarding a vehicle having his utility truck blocked in.

7:53: Gold Buick, possibly intoxicated traveling Rt. 321 South, female driver, Rt. 321.

1:17 p.m.: Caller from Burger King advised of male subject leaving their restaurant on a motorcycle, possibly intoxicated.

1:49: Check on some subjects playing with pay phone making prank calls to 911 line from Speedway, Rt. 40.

2:50: Caller advised of three trees blocking the road, Middle Fork.

2:58: Highlands E.R. advised they have a male subject there that wants to speak with an officer regarding an assault in the Van Lear area.

3:01: Caller advised a female in an older maroon and gold Dodge van assaulted her own child in the store then left, Maurices, going toward Wal-Mart.

4:40: Caller requested Fire Dept. for smoke coming from her vents, Green Valley Rd.

4:53: Caller requested a unit regarding ATV’s in roadway, Butcher Hollow.

6:01: Caller advised a small red passenger car with no door on it is driving reckless and traveling at high rates of speed, Baker Branch.

7:06: 911 requests dog warden to contact regarding a dog they picked up in another county, they pulled it from the creek. No answer from Dog Warden.

7:50: Caller advised her ex-boyfriend is in a 1995 orange Camaro with black stripes, assaulted her at Dairy Queen.

7:58: Caller advised intoxicated male subject is following her around using obscenities and threatening her. Caller afraid it may progress into physical domestic.

8:20: Caller advised red Corvette traveling at high rate of speed, running one vehicle off roadway, Rt. 321.

8:40: Caller advised of male subject with pistol in front pocket verbally abusing people, 201 Speedway.

10:20: Caller requested unit regarding stolen property.

10:20: Caller advised of several subjects chasing a turquoise van hitting windows and yelling obscenities, Main Street.

Sunday, July 6

12:55 a.m.: Caller advised of possible breaking and entering, advised saw subject looking in windows, attempting to get into residence, Rt. 172.

1:11: Caller advised of possible vehicle accident, Rt. 172.

3:20: Gas drive-off, $10.00, black Ford Explorer, Rt. 23.

12:06 p.m.: Reference to wanted person, sent hit confirmation to Ga., everything matches except DOB and SS#, placed hold on subject until Monday.

1:37: Caller requested officer to Boyd Branch for subject out of control.

2:07: Caller requested officer regarding 18-year-old male slapping his mother, mother wants to press charges, Volga.

2:20: Caller from Venture Home Again requested officers to observe for male subject, left residence over an hour ago.

2:30: Caller requested officer to State Street in reference to seeing lots of blood on roadway.

3:44: Came upon a vehicle accident, subject has been ejected from vehicle.

5:35: Breaking and entering report.

7:19: Caller advised male subject exposing himself, 12th Street.

9:52: Vehicle accident, Tick Vanhoose Branch.

10:43: Caller advised her home was burglarized, Fishtrap Hill.

11:21: Be on lookout for stolen green Toyota Tacoma from Pikeville Super Center, has sliding back glass, tinted windows, front license plate with frogs on it.

11:52: Caller advised fight in progress, one subject has a knife, Sixth Street.

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