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Johnson County 911 report

Monday, July 7

8:32 a.m.: Caller advised of three-vehicle accident in front of First Baptist Church, 3rd/College.

9:36: Go by Detention Center and do a fugitive from justice warrant on subject lodged there.

11:03: Caller requested officer to Pineview Trailer Court regarding a possibly intoxicated male subject at front door.

12:23 p.m.: Caller advised of two-vehicle accident at entrance to West Van Lear.

12:45: En route to Nippa, reference to complaint.

2:54: Caller advised of two-vehicle accident in front of Arby’s.

3:18: Caller advised possible structure fire, Fishtrap Hill.

3:48: Made contact with KSP, reference to arson investigation, Fishtrap.

7:30: Dirt bike complaint, Little Mud.

7:44: Caller advised subject hit gas line with backhoe, also notified utilities, Rt. 581.

10:01: Caller advised someone possibly around mother’s residence, Rt. 40.

10:51: Reference to reckless driver, black S-10, Debord Hollow.

11:49: Male subject advised he was going into shock, then disconnected call, dispatch called back and somebody answered then hung up, Hammond Road.

11:57: Red Blazer, suspicious subject, gets out of vehicle and back in at different places, Rt. 172.

Tuesday, July 8

12:08 a.m.: Advised somebody shooting off Class A fireworks around old West Van Lear P.O. or Burglar Hollow.

12:19: Subject broke out window in car with a gun, also male subject threatened 15-year-old male. Sixth Street.

1:40: Caller advised blue S-10 on U.S. 23 pulling a boat, advised the subject driving was a possible under age juvenile.

3:13: Be on lookout for black Toyota, camper top, tinted windows, possibly intoxicated, south on U.S. 23.

5:53: Caller advised cones across road with rope at entrance to Northgate on Rt. 40.

10:26: Vehicle broken into, radio stolen, Main Street.

11:18: Check on gas line possibly broken just before the cut-through, Rt. 172.

2:10 p.m.: Caller advised of possible vehicle accident in front of their office, Hager Hill.

3:37: Advised went to graveyard before Jenny Wiley grave on left in reference to call of dog been digging up graves, possibly some bones exposed. Unit advised it appeared to be animal bones, Rt. 581.

5:17: Caller advised older model brown pickup had hit her daughter’s mirror and torn it off, Millers Creek.

5:17: Caller requested a unit contact him regarding his son has some property missing.

5:39: Adult male and a juvenile shoplifter in custody at Wal-Mart.

9:19: Caller advised a subject in a red Beretta or Sunfire hit her vehicle and left scene, Airport Road.

10:30: Gas drive-off, Speedway, Rt. 321, newer mid-sized black passenger car, $24.53.

10:59: Need to speak with officer about a stolen chainsaw, Verne Horne Drive.

Wednesday, July 9

1:34 a.m.: Out of unit on what appears to be a stolen vehicle, Greasy Road.

1:40: Caller advised alarm was going off and she saw two male subjects running from that direction, and also they dropped something at the end of the bridge, Value Med.

10:34: Work vehicle broken into overnight, Stoney Brook.

11:46: En route to meet with Magoffin County S.O. in reference to fugitive from justice in Hargis area.

1:09 p.m.: Caller advised of male subject out in front yard firing weapon, also acting strange, East Point.

3:22: Caller advised her daughter’s husband was making threats to come to residence and do bodily harm, advised he had also been beating on her, Rt. 581.

3:59: Subject trying to pass a bad check at Rite-Aid.

5:02: Wal-Mart employee advised he was about to stop a shoplifter, needs a unit to contact.

5:10: Breaking and entering, not in progress, Greasy Creek.

6:15: Caller requested officer in reference to breaking and entering on vehicle, Circle Drive.

7:49: Male subject, suspended license, driving through town.

9:00: Gas drive-off, Bmart, white Cadillac, Rt. 201.

9:46: Caller advised subjects smoking marijuana between Prestons Funeral Home and The Dungeon.

11:24: Caller advised that an older model white car was driving at a high rate of speed, needs officer to stop it, N. Clay Ave.

11:56: Extra patrol requested regarding a black car and a tan car with red tailgate harassing other motorist, Thelma.

Thursday, July 10

12:06 a.m.: Reference to Williams subject, needs her boyfriend removed from her home, she advised they were in a verbal argument, Main St.

1:44: Unit transporting subject to Detention Center, confiscated 9mm.

1:59: Regarding weapon, set of handcuffs and ID card turned over to Magoffin County, items taken from subject at Baker Branch.

7:18: Single vehicle in ditch, Rt. 581.

7:59: Two-vehicle accident, Rt. 172.

1:02 p.m.: Observe for Chevy S-10, gray, made possible drug transaction from vehicle in front of The Dungeon.

3:09: Four-wheeler complaint, Rt. 581.

3:31: Shoplifter in custody, Wal-Mart.

3:35: Two-vehicle accident, no injuries, Blanton Drive.

3:39: Caller advised somebody tore down her mailbox, Northgate.

5:12: Tree down in roadway, knocked down powerline which is still live, Rt. 40 E.

5:22: Power line down, Rt. 172.

5:31: Three mudslides, Rt. 40 W.

5:32: Be on lookout, black Jeep, Island Creek Road.

5:43: Transformer on fire, Hager Hill Loop.

5:47: Tree in roadway, Rt. 1107.

5:47: Tree in roadway, Rt. 2039.

6:28: Two trees in road, Rt. 469.

7:07: Mudslide, Two-Mile.

11:41: Caller advised of possible intoxicated driver in pewter colored full-size Chevy 4x4, Paintsville Chevron.

11:42: Possible car accident just past stone bridge past stockyard, caller advised she heard brakes and then loud noise, Rt. 172.

Friday, July 11

3:39 a.m.: E.R. advised officer contact regarding possible overdose, Paul B. Hall.

10:59: Tree blocking lane, Rt. 1107.

11:25: Possibly intoxicated subject, white Cavalier, Broadway/Depot.

2:49 p.m.: Reckless driver, red Sierra pickup, Rt. 460.

3:18: Caller requested unit contact her regarding possible stolen gun, Rt. 201.

5:20: Caller advised someone had followed him from Prestonsburg in a red Nissan and was still tailgating, Mayo Plaza.

6:48: Caller requested a unit contact regarding their vehicle was broken into and items stolen, Pickle Fork.

7:00: Magoffin County Dispatch advised social workers contact and advised that subjects are abusing a small child, Riverview Apts.

7:51: Caller on cell phone advised that someone ran them off the road about two miles up Rt. 2039 from Rt. 460.

9:56: Floyd County S.O. advised possibly intoxicated subject in a red Ford F-150, Rt. 321 coming toward Johnson County.

10:20: Adult female shoplifter in custody, Wal-Mart.

10:34: Caller advised of two children locked in a vehicle, 1998 green Grand Prix, East End.

11:45: 1995 white Ford Thunderbird stolen from Floyd County.

11:55: Caller advised they heard gunshots, Williams Branch.

Saturday, July 12

1:00 a.m.: Caller advised of possible fight in parking lot of Friendship Church, also going up and down Lively Lane, Thelma.

5:09: All units attempt to locate red 1997 Chevy Blazer stolen from Lowe’s parking lot, Pikeville.

9:23: En route to Ross Branch with DSS in reference to removing some juveniles from residence.

10:12: Unit advised subject had weedeater stolen from his barn at Flat Gap, a Cub Cadet, yellow.

1:32 p.m.: Check on four-wheeler with small child on it going up and down roadway near Butcher Hollow.

3:33: Unit advised that a residence behind his was broken into and they need a report, Big Lick Subdivision.

4:13: Caller advised male and female subjects have been fighting for about 30 minutes. Subjects are in a car and the car is rocking, possibly fighting inside the vehicle, foot of Two-Mile.

6:24: Caller advised there are several ATV’s driving reckless, all over West Van Lear.

7:13: Caller advised there are four-wheelers driving reckless, State Street.

7:16: Caller advised a female was passed out in vehicle, Wal-Mart.

7:55: Caller advised there are two culverts stopped up, around Speedway on Rt. 201.

8:36: Caller advised a newer black Cherokee with tinted windows is driving reckless, Depot Road area.

8:54: Caller advised her sister is threatening to do harm to herself, advised subject does have access to a gun, Lucy Castle Hollow.

9:59: Caller requested a unit make contact regarding someone who keeps calling and threatening her life.

10:04: All units be on lookout for vehicle with blue lights in grill pretending to pull people over.

10:08: Gas drive-off, gray/maroon truck, $38.42 from Abco, Staffordsville.

10:21: Park Ranger advised possibly intoxicated driver in an early 1990’s S-10 pickup, blue and silver color, coming into Johnson County from Floyd County on Rt. 321.

Sunday, July 13

1:34 a.m.: Possible car accident, advised vehicle veered off road and struck residence, Rt. 40 E.

2:46: Breaking and entering in progress, Perry Vanhoose Apts. One male subject breaking in red Isuzu truck, Wittensville.

9:10: Caller requested officer to Perry Vanhoose Housing, reference to several vehicles broken into, Wittensville.

10:28: Caller requested officer to Williams Branch in reference to his residence being broken into, wants report on items missing from residence.

10:33: Caller requested officer in reference to stereo stolen from vehicle, Hager Hill.

10:46: Caller requested extra patrol regarding two bicycles stolen at West Street last date: one is a silver Mongoose, the other a red and silver Dunlop.

11:39: Caller requested JCRS to Lake Marina regarding 48 foot steel houseboat sinking and they need assistance, boat is dry docked.

11:58: Out at Conley Trailer Park in reference to a vehicle being broken into last date.

1:46 p.m.: Lawrence County S.O. requested to observe for 1996 Nissan, two male subjects in vehicle involved in domestic at Yatesville Campground.

3:34: Wal-Mart advised they have shoplifters and subjects have possibly shoplifted from other stores.

4:56: Caller requested unit contact regarding subject who was assaulted is at Smokey Hollow.

4:57: Caller requested unit contact regarding stolen property.

5:00: Caller advised a subject in a white Alero is driving very reckless on the wrong side of the road playing chicken, around the Magoffin/Johnson line going toward Magoffin.

5:44: Caller advised an older white Chevy Impala with Chevy on the windshield is driving very reckless and at high rates of speed.

5:53: Caller requested a unit regarding his vehicle being broken into, Pickle Fork.

7:05: Caller advised of possibly intoxicated driver in a newer silver King Cab Chevy passenger car, South on U.S. 23, Floyd/Johnson line.

7:45: Caller requested a unit contact regarding her uncle came over and shot her dog and went next door to her grandmother’s, Lower Twin.

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