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June 29: a son, Jordan Brice Horne, to Brittany Boyd of Bevinsville.

July 2: a daughter, Regina Renae, to Shania and Kenneth Burks of Prestonsburg.

July 5: a daughter, Sierra Hope Curtis, to Prissa Daughtery of Paintsville.

July 8: a son, Trevor Bradley, to Sabrina and Charles Brown of Salyersville; a daughter, Connie Jasmine Fultz, to Beverly Doolin of Isonville.


June 25: a daughter, Adian MaKayla-Hope, to Tina Elizabeth and Ronald Jackson Pagett.

June 26: a daughter, Alexis Irene Sterk, to Melissa Jane Mullins; a son, Justin Dean, to Tammy and Carter Slone.

June 27: a son, Corey Braxton Gage, to Regina and George Savage; a son, Jason Dashawn, to Heather and Jason Maynard; a son, Dustin Bryan, to Shawn Abramm and Crystal Lee Todd.

June 28: a daughter, Jackly Lee, to Ashley Arnett; a daughter Whitney Renea, to Grace and Shurlin McCoy.

June 29: a son, Wesley Kyle Edward, to Sabrina and Wesley Watkins.

June 30: a daughter, Jessie MaKayla, to Sabrina and Ronald Patrick.

July 1: a daughter, Haley Nicole, to William and Kimberly Lykins; a son, James Richard Dials III, to Randi and James Dials; a son, Dakota Riley, to Tiken and Jason Castle; a daughter, Kadence Alexis Dalton, to Regina Lynn Chafins.

July 2: a daughter, Alyssa Grace, to Lisa Diane Tackett; a daughter, Jessie Lynn, to Bobbie and Craig Tackett; a son, Michael Peyton, to Crystal and Michael Howard; a son, Ethan Alexander Meade, to Hazel Marie Long.

July 3: a daughter, Madison Lee, to Beverly and John Clark; a daughter, Alexandria Hope Perry, to Sharon Marie Newsome; a daughter, Bethany Jo Tate, to Tammy Annette Joseph; a daughter, LaMika Grace Shepherd, to Susan Rae Musick.

July 4: a daughter, Angelina Ellen, to Kimberly Michelle and Bobby Dean Daniels.

July 5: a son, Cody Lynn Edwards Starr II, to Billie Jo Starr.

July 7: a daughter, Keyonna Paige, to Michael and Tabitha McCarty; a daughter, Haley Jade Castle, to Jeanna Lynn Caudill.

July 8: a son, Trent Alexander, to Andrea and Brian Tackett; a daughter, Erin Kariagen, to Anna Lee and Jesse Little.

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