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Not much quality left in "Big Brother 4"
Cletus Turner
It is often strange that the behind-the-scenes parts of network television can be more engrossing than the actual drama on-screen.

For instance, stories of how evil one of the Charlie's Angels women of the 70's made for an interesting intrigue. This was especially true when another one of those ladies was considered the nicest woman in Hollywood.

Now, we have something weird going on on a CBS show. Anyone watching Big Brother 4 noticed that Scott, the waiter, was booted out of the house. What was told on prime time was that Scott's "erratic behavior" and "temper" caused so many problems that Scott was asked to leave. However, reports are now circulating that this might not have been the complete reason. It seems that Scott admitted something in the diary room. For those who do not watch Brother very often, if at all, the diary room is the area set aside for the contestants to go and say things, away from each other. Scott admitted that he had a venereal disease. This, he said, was the reason for his strange behavior. If you are a subscriber to the shows webcast, you got to see the whole sequence of events - warts and all, if you get my meaning. Other wise, you only got to see the sanitized version which had host Julie explaining that Scott was leaving because of a tantrum he had thrown during the week. Scott became angry, although it is unclear that happened, and threw furniture around. He didn't throw the furniture at anyone and virtually no one saw the occurrence except for the camera and one other house guest. Scott was summarily removed from the cast. Unfortunately, his removal didn't mention anything that might have made the whole ordeal make sense. As well, this occurrence was on a night that virtually nothing else happened. Once again, we see a show on its way out if something doesn't change. This show has not really made any sense from the beginning and changing the format to include exes hasn't helped. The cast still jumps from one to the other without any sense of dignity. Regardless, the show doesn't seem to have any entertainment quality left. Even Aaron Spelling has said that reality television is a fad and will die. We ALL know that he knows about fads, don't we?

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Notes from the couch:

The queen of the reality shows has already been picked up for the fall. Survivor continues to be the highest rated reality series, even though it is not in the top five, it still is a ratings winner for CBS.

Over on Bravo, a new show is making waves for the public. The Queer Eye for the Straight Guy drew record ratings for the cable network. Over 1.64 million viewers tuned in to the premiere. Among viewers 25-54, the show brought home 1.17 million viewers. This is an 804 percent increase over the network's average for last season. Bravo also saw an increase of over 657 percent over the shows the network had been airing in the 10 p.m. time slot.

The series has a group of gay men who "make-over" a slob of a straight guy. They fix his hair, his clothes, even his home in an attempt to make him look "better." Gay stereotypes anyone? The fact that the men chosen to do the make-overs are more than obviously gay is not a surprise. I'm not being a snob by asking if they couldn't have shown more than one side of the "gay" equation? After all, not all gay men are obvious, so why not make sure we see that on a television show? That is one of my problems with Will and Grace. Although Will is a comedy, all the gay men so far have been portrayed as completely flamboyant and those who aren't are "hiding." While there are many flamboyant gay men, there are also many who are not so obvious and to ignore that segment is a disservice to those men. Queer Eye also suggests that straight men can't be clean and have fashion sense, whatever that is. There are men who can dress themselves and can be straight at the same time. Amazing.

Finally, whatever happened to America's Sexiest? That show bombed rather well and I'm glad to see it. If that show had succeeded, I would had to have declared that Americans are too focused on what is on the outside. I have seen far too many "beautiful" people who are ugly on the inside. I would rather have friends who are good and treat me the way I want to be treated, no matter what I look like.

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